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Observing the struggle of individuals and families facing food insecurity motivated me to take action – Ofure


The reality of life in Nigeria today is that many are not sure of the next meal. There is hunger in the land. But there are some privileged citizens with public spirit who frequently intervene to put smiles on the faces of others. Grace Ofure, the chief executive of Lifecard International, is one of them. In this interview, she tells her life story, especially her exploits as a servant of God out to win souls for Christ. She reveals how God has blessed her with wealth and how, through her, God has been reaching out to the less-privileged members of the public, recalling how she was able to lead a food drive for feeding families in need. She spoke with CHUKA UROKO. Excerpts:

Recently, you held an outreach event where you brought about 800 souls to Christ. What inspired you to undertake that significant project?

Let me tell you a little story. Many years ago, I was so broke that even feeding was a problem. One day in Church, my pastor preached on the book of John 15:16 . I decided to put it into practice. Every Sunday, I ensured that I had, at least, two souls in Church, one by my left and the other by my right. During prayers, I would ask God for wealth based on what the book of John 15:16 promised.

The scripture says, “if I ensured my fruits (souls) remain in church, I could ask for anything. So, I asked for wealth. I noticed that my finances began to change for good. The more I got committed to this instruction, the more I received guidance, direction, inspiration, blessings and testimonies in my life. I noticed that soul-winning had something to do with creating sustainable wealth.

I made up my mind to do something radical. So, I asked myself what celebration makes me happy. I remembered my birthday celebration. I made up my mind to dedicate my birthday to God by winning souls and bringing them to church as my celebration. I have done this for more than a decade now. I am always excited to see the transformation in the lives of those I win for Christ. Remember, I am not a general overseer nor do I own a church. I am just a servant of God who understands the power of soul-winning.

Your food drive initiative received widespread attention and support. What inspired you to come up with that initiative and what were the outcomes?

Through the help of the Holy Spirit and a deep sense of compassion for those in need, I initiated the food drive. Observing the current struggle of individuals and families facing food insecurity also motivated me to take action and make a tangible difference.

The outcomes of the food drive were truly heart-warming. We received an overwhelming number of testimonials. Most families could barely feed, most people had gotten to the point of hopelessness. Through this generous act, we were able to distribute a substantial quantity of food to those in need. Beyond the food, the initiative fostered a sense of renewed hope and belief in Christ. Many people rededicated their lives to God and made new commitments to join the body of Christ.

You organized a birthday party recently and it was one of a kind because you were able to blend that event with a sense of purpose. Tell us how you were able to achieve that and what it means for you.

My birthday was more than just a traditional gathering. It was an opportunity to blend celebration with a profound sense of purpose. My primary goal was to use the occasion to reach out and win souls for Christ while also celebrating life and the blessings I have been given.

Throughout the event, we worshiped, prayed, and shared personal testimonies of faith and the word. Those in attendance enjoyed themselves and also left with a renewed sense of purpose and faith.

The significance of this celebration went beyond just marking another year of life. It became a platform for spreading the message of salvation and hope, impacting the lives of those in attendance. Many individuals experienced spiritual breakthroughs, rededicating their lives to Christ or making the decision to follow Him for the first time.

The celebration served as a catalyst for spiritual revival and transformation, leaving a lasting impact on the hearts and souls of those present. Ultimately, blending celebration with a sense of purpose allowed me to celebrate life while also fulfilling my calling to spread the Gospel and win souls for Christ. It exemplified the belief that every moment, including birthdays, can be an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others and further God’s kingdom on earth.

Bringing over 600 souls to Christ is a remarkable achievement. Can you share any personal experience or moments from the outreach that particularly touched or inspired you?

Absolutely. Bringing over 600 souls to Christ was indeed a profound and humbling experience, filled with moments that touched my heart and inspired me deeply. One such moment that stands out vividly is the encounter I had with a gentleman who had been struggling with deep-seated doubts and questions about his faith for years.

During the outreach event, as we shared the message of hope and salvation, he approached me with a look of earnestness in his eyes. He confided in me about his struggles and uncertainties, and together we had a heart-felt conversation about faith, grace, and redemption.

In that moment, I witnessed a transformation within him as he embraced the truth of God’s love and the assurance of salvation through Christ. It was a powerful reminder of the life-changing impact that genuine connections and conversations can have on one’s spiritual journey.

Additionally, there was a young family who attended the outreach event, facing immense hardship and challenges in their lives. Despite their struggles, their hearts were open to receiving the message of hope and restoration. As they stood together, holding hands and listening attentively to the words being shared, I could sense a tangible presence of God’s love enveloping them.

Later, they shared with me how they felt a new sense of peace and reassurance, knowing that they were not alone in their trials. Observing their faith being renewed and strengthened in the midst of adversity was incredibly moving and inspiring.

These experiences serve as powerful reminders of the transformative power of God’s love and the profound impact of sharing the Gospel with others. Each individual soul that was touched and transformed during the outreach is a testament to the immeasurable grace and mercy of God. It reinforces my resolve to continue spreading the message of salvation and extending a hand of love and compassion to all who are in need of hope and healing.

What advice would you give to people looking for ways to make a difference in their communities or pursue similar endeavours?

When it comes to making a difference in communities or pursuing endeavours, especially for those guided by faith, prioritizing soul-winning over partying is crucial for maintaining a clear focus on the ultimate goal which is impacting lives for eternity. My advice would be to remember the purpose behind your actions and initiatives. While celebrations and gatherings have their place, it’s essential to ensure that the primary focus remains on sharing the message of salvation and bringing others closer to Christ.

One way to prioritize soul-winning is by incorporating elements of evangelism and discipleship into your community initiatives. Whether it’s through intentional conversations, prayer, or providing resources that share the Gospel message, every effort should be aimed at leading others to a relationship with Jesus Christ.