• Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Micro Pension: Operators to broaden coverage through value added services

Micro Pension

Operators of the Micro Pension Scheme has announced the ongoing plan to introduce more value-added services to deepen acceptance by the informal sector.

Abisola Onigbogi, executive director, Technical ARM Pension, disclosed this on Thursday, saying that efforts are going to ensure partnership with service providers to provide access to basic services such as health care, insurance services among others with the aim of bringing more persons in the informal sector into the pension scheme as a greater percentage of Nigerians which represent the informal sector are still out of the pension coverage.

He said “Over 90 million Nigerians in the informal sector are not yet captured in the contributory pension scheme, so we want to introduce value added services that will be beneficial to them in order to bring them into the scheme”.

“Providing means of identification by enrollees has been a major challenge for us and we are working with the regulators to ensure that the requirements are relaxed a little too encourage more people into the scheme”.


Cynthia Egboboh, Abuja