Covid-19: African Alliance says its Business Continuity Management key to sustainable operations

The management of African Alliance Insurance Plc said the Covid-19 pandemic had minimal effects on its operations because it already had a Business Continuity Management process in place.

Joyce Ojemudia, managing director of the company who disclosed this at a recent interactive session with journalist in Lagos noted that the company has always been prepared to withstand any eventuality.

Ojemudia, who was represented by the company’s head of Marketing, Emmanuel Eburajolo, stated that, “Covid-19 came unexpectedly, with a lot of challenges and many companies were caught unaware. However, in African Alliance, the impact was minimal because we already had a Business Continuity Management process in place, so, the company was prepared.

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“We had a process that was digitally enabled and this aided the smooth continuation of our business and services with customers even when some companies were still grappling with the situation and trying to find their feet.”

The insurer’s boss, however, urged the media to collaborate with the insurance industry for enhanced insurance awareness in Nigeria.

According to her, we all agree you are the loudspeakers of our industry. Without you, whatever goes on in our industry would go largely unnoticed and unreported, pretty much like someone winking in the dark. But this is not an easy task, being gatekeepers for an industry that is older than Nigeria as we know it, with various interests and mindsets. However, someone has to do it, and I daresay you are doing very well. But can we do better? Yes we can. Even the best of outcomes can get better.”

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