• Friday, July 12, 2024
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Continental Re, NCF plans 2,000 trees for environmental protection

Continental Re, NCF plans 2,000 trees for environmental protection

Continental Reinsurance is collaborating with the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, (NCF) to plant 2,000 trees, as part of efforts to preserve the environment.

The tree planting initiative was launched at the Lekki Conservation Centre in Lagos State, Nigeria, on with sponsorship from Continental Reinsurance.

Chukwuemeka Akwiwu, executive director, Technical Operations at Continental Re who led officials of the Company to plant some trees said that this initiative, which promotes a green environment, will be a continuous support to NCF.

“At Continental Re, we are pleased to support this noble cause with the initial donation of 2,000 trees for now, which will be used as we foster a healthier, greener Nigeria,” he stated. “This is just the beginning, and it is my intention that we should be having this conversation on an annual basis.”

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The partnership between Continental Reinsurance and NCF began last year and has since grown stronger. The collaboration was highlighted at the 9th Continental Reinsurance CEO Summit in Zimbabwe, where NCF’s participation inspired insurance industry leaders by showcasing the vital work NCF does and demonstrating how companies can support such impactful initiatives.

Akwiwu noted that the tree planting session is not just a ceremonial act, but a symbol of hope and a tangible step towards combating climate change, restoring the ecosystem and securing a sustainable future for generations to come.

Uchenna Achunine, director, Business Development and Communications, Nigerian Conservation Foundation said Continental Reinsurance is a special partner in its advocacy for nature conservation, and its activities that are geared towards building a better environment for all.

He highlighted the importance of partnerships in achieving ambitious environmental goals and emphasized the role of NCF in helping restore Nigeria’s forest cover to 25% by 2047.

Achunine explained, “Today, we have between four and eight per cent forest cover, depending on whose statistics you are using. Some statistics say it is four per cent, some say seven per cent, but it is not more than eight percent of quality forest cover we have today, and it is quite well below what the standard is. Before, we had more than 25 per cent forest cover. So, our project is targeted at trying to see if we can recover Nigeria’s forest cover to 25 per cent by 2047.”