• Monday, April 15, 2024
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AXA Mansard Health pushes access, affordable products to Nigerians

AXA Mansard Health pushes access, affordable products to Nigerians

AXA Mansard Health has unveiled a new TVC commercial that increases access to health insurance in an easy and less costly way, targeting individual and families.

According to the company, healthcare journey can be simple and seamless, stating that in the course of its 10 years journey it has touched the corporates, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs), and now more determined to get individuals on board.

It noted that the new TVC tagged ‘More Wellness For Less’ has brought innovation and technology into the product and services it offers to ensure that more individual and households get more wellness for less

Tope Adeniyi, chief executive officer, AXA Mansard Health speaking at the Media launch of the product in Lagos said: “We have been in business for the past ten years and we have been able to touch lives. Our most exciting achievement is the number of people we have touched, number of babies we have safely delivered, number of better wellness we have promoted, the number of people we have made to be more psychologically sound and more productive in business.”

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“Ten years ago when we started, we were like number 60 among health insurance players in the market. Today, we are one of the largest healthcare service providers in the entire sub-Saharan Africa, not only in Nigeria. All these are made possible because of the customers. We are always innovating to make customers happy and we are always thinking of what we can do to make customers lives better.

According to Adeniyi, the company is driven to touch every individual family across the length and breadth of Nigeria that is why we came up with new innovative products for individuals and family which are not expensive.

“In this economy that is challenged with high inflation, we have come up with products and services where the individual and family can have access to more care, more wellness and more wellbeing for less and it is going to be available across all our channels, he said.

“Axa Mansard has constantly partnered with the customers to give them wonderful service and we will even do more. The products are very affordable that customers can pay on a regular basis. We have as low as N1000 per month.”

Olajumoke Odunlami, chief marketing officer, AXA Mansard said the company is a top health insurance company in Nigeria today by a very wide margin.

She said: “The ‘more wellness for less’ initiative is to highlight that we are not just in the corporate space, we also play very significantly in the retail and individual health insurance space.

“The retail and individual plan is so important because it is not everyone that is in the corporate space. And we are very intentional about them as well providing services both for individuals and families and even for the single person, she said.

Rashidat Adebisi, chief client Officer, AXA Mansard Insurance said the focus is to protect people along their way of life because for you to be at your best, health and wellness is critical.

This is very essential for everybody in Nigeria, even though we have proved resilient, it’s important we take care of our health, Adebisi said.
The ‘More Wellness for less’ television commercial unveiled at weekend in Lagos, is a 1-minute commercial that highlights the importance of having a life insurance policy and seeks to enlighten the average Nigerian on the benefits they can derive from having a life insurance policy even while they are alive.