• Friday, February 23, 2024
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Access Pensions urges early retirement planning

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Access Pensions, a leading pension provider, is urging young adults to take proactive steps toward securing their financial future through early retirement planning.

The firm is also reaffirming its commitment to enabling clients to seamlessly access 25 percent of their Retirement Savings Account (RSA) for mortgage financing, leveraging its in-house expertise.

This was the highligh of a recent webinar organized by Access Pensions, titled “Navigating Your Financial Future: Demystifying Pensions, Investments, and Benefits.”, where and key players in PFA shared valuable insights and advice.

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Adaora Ude, vice president, Business Development, Lagos at Access Pensions, encouraged young individuals, particularly those aged 21 to 24, not to underestimate the significance of early retirement planning.

She emphasized the advantages of commencing savings at a young age and highlighted the benefits of additional voluntary contributions as a means to achieve financial goals in retirement.

Ude stated, “Young people from ages 21 to 24 probably think that they are too young to have a pension plan. The truth is that, Time is a big factor and must be utilized effectively. You need that advantage of time and the power of compounding to be able to start you off to a successful retirement. This way, you can shape your future, the way you desire.”

Wale Okunrinboye, chief investment officer at Access Pensions, delved into the investment aspect of pensions, elucidating the diverse fund options available to cater to varying risk appetites, including ethical funds.

He emphasized Access Pensions’ commitment to generating strong returns for its clients through a long-term approach.

Yetunde Olumuyiwa, business manager, Private Clients and Products at Access Pensions, outlined the process and criteria for accessing 25 percent equity for mortgages.

She underscored Access Pensions’ role in facilitating a seamless client experience, by bringing all stakeholders together to achieve the objective of the scheme.

Olumuyiwa said, “We can take you through the process right from the beginning and ensure you have a seamless experience when accessing your 25 percent until you get the keys to your property.”

Zainab Bello, head of Benefits Administration at Access Pensions, discussed the process of accessing pension benefits, gave insights on the retirement calculator as a valuable tool for planning retirement finances, and emphasized the significance of effective financial planning for a secure retirement.

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Bello highlighted the process, emphasizing the significance of effective financial planning. Retirement benefits can be accessed through various avenues, including compulsory, mandatory, or medical grounds, simply by reaching out to PFAs.