• Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Access Pensions CEO sees sector funds help bridge infrastructure gap

Access Pensions CEO sees sector funds help bridge infrastructure gap

Dave Uduanu, managing director/CEO, Access Pensions Limited, has emphasised the potential of pension funds in addressing Nigeria’s infrastructure deficit.

Uduanu who doped the hint at the insurance and pension event held in Lagos highlighted that by tapping into the pension fund investment landscape, Nigeria could reduce its reliance on external borrowing and mitigate financial vulnerabilities.

“This approach is especially crucial given the ongoing expansion of the industry and the limited investment instruments available for pension funds.”

During the panel discussion at the event, Uduanu, represented by Access Pensions’ chief investment officer, Wale Okunrinboye, noted that while a substantial portion of pension investments currently resides in fixed income, there’s room for greater allocation to infrastructure.

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He stated, “One thing we can do better is on visible impact. One way people can truly feel the tangible impact of their pensions is in the area of infrastructure investments. Today, a large portion of pension fund investments are in fixed income, but imagine driving on a road built with pension funds that’s when people will realise their pension fund is truly working for them.”

Uduanu also raised a crucial question regarding the future of pension fund portfolios, “We started this industry in 2004, and now it’s about N16 trillion. In the next 10 to 15 years, what will the investment portfolio look like? Will it still be dominated by government securities, or will it play a more significant role in financing infrastructure and stimulating economic growth?”

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He reiterated the persistent infrastructure deficit in Nigeria and suggested that with a well-defined framework, long-term funds, such as pensions and insurance, could be channelled effectively toward infrastructure financing.

“Over the years, the Nigerian government has been faced with the challenge of infrastructure financing deficits. What better way to address this than by utilising pension and insurance funds, which are inherently long-term and capable of providing flexible domestic capital for these critical projects, he noted.