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How Gloomme is arresting Nigeria’s rising unemployment

Gloomme Business Connections Limited is an entrepreneurial business connections platform that is established to create businesses seeking to bridge the gap between producers and consumers of products and services in markets.

Gloommes vision is to create an entrepreneur in every family in Africa. A platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely and physically eventually getting work done with flexibility and security. Gloomme is a platform that enables you to turn your ideas into reality.

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When an offer is being created by a service provider, peruse the Gloommers profile, click on the offer for more information, such as a description of the service, collection of samples of work, and pricing. We also advise contacting the seller before ordering.

When you feel you have found what you need, simply proceed with placing your order. Use the Gloomme platform to collaborate and link up Nigeria’s top talents to the world. Under Gloomme Business Connections Limited, we have flagship products such as Gloomme Platform, Crowwe, Drocke, Tablars, and Tablars Health.


At IPI Group Limited, through its sister companies, Gloomme Business Connections Limited and IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited, we believe our digital platform is a unique offer to enhance the Federal Government’s Economic Sustainability Plan on digital job creation and opening of our local markets to international demands and global buyers through Gloomme Platform, a digital channel.


Looking back at the Federal Government’s Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) priorities, one of the key components is Driving industrialization focusing on Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. One major strategy is to accelerate the implementation of the National Industrial Revolution Plan (NIRP) through Special Economic Zones (SEZs), focusing on priority sectors to generate jobs, promote exports, boost growth and upgrade skills to create 1.5 million jobs by 2020.

A revitalized manufacturing sector will create jobs, stimulate foreign exchange earnings, and grow micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The involvement of small businesses in the service sector is a major lever for economic recovery. The service industry accounts for 53 percent of GDP. As the telecommunications and information and communication technology services (ICT) sector grew in absolute terms by 14.06 percent in Q4 of 2019, it offers huge scope for further growth, especially from opportunities in the digital economy.

Creative industries, especially music and film, also have great growth potential, as do both financial services and tourism. This aligns directly with what Gloomme Business Connections Limited is offering to assist the country and the citizens in building a digital presence for digital jobs, e-commerce, and value extensions to other non-digital related professions such as lawyers, accountants, doctors, engineers, etc.


Nigeria’s labor force, which currently stood at over 64 million people is scheduled to grow to nearly 70 million by 2023, a staggering 2 million increase year over year.

Considering the number of people we graduate annually from our institutions, joining the labor force, and the number of people losing their jobs, particularly due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, it has become more critical for platforms, such as Gloomme App to assist the economy in providing the enabling platform to Nigerian professionals or those with skills, to register, sell their skills/wares, both products and services while reaching out to the people they need those services both within and outside the country.


Furthermore, for people in the Agricultural and Mining sector, the product section will allow them to list their items/wares and made them available for a willing buyer wherever the buyer might be in the world. Gloomme Platforms are designed to address the critical institutional voids where buyers and sellers connect online to buy and sell products or services, collaborate on projects, co-create value and generate income in the most convenient way using the internet as the channel while making Gloomme as the platform.


Total labor force to grow from 2018 to 69.9 million by 2023 compared to 2016


Total labor force in thousand
The total labor force in thousand


In Nigeria today, most of the employees work in the service sector of the economy. This sector alone contributes to almost 55% of the nation’s GDP. This clearly shows that the greatest chance for Nigeria to create a robust economy by creating more jobs and engaging more people meaningfully and productively online is by using platforms such as Gloomme.

It is worthy of mention that Nigeria’s diaspora community remit more forex, $34.8Bn in 2019 (according to PwC), to the Nigerian economy than our combined oil revenue, which stood at slightly over $30Bn. This further strengthens the argument that Nigeria’s economic strength lies in the skills of its people than the might of its natural resources.

However, jobs, where people are expected to work in the office are only available in the major cities of Lagos, Abuja, and Port-Harcourt. Extending platforms like Gloomme to all Nigerians regardless of location will expose their skills to a willing buyer all over the world. It may also allow other Nigerian living outside the country to join and interact with locals, which will translate into direct skills and value transfer to the country and its people.




As Nigeria continues to explore the possibility of creating jobs for its teeming population that are labor-ready, the unemployment rate keeps rising. This is, however, not due to government effort to create enabling environment for people to get employed, but partly due to the number of jobs available in the labor market is far less than the available labor force to fill this gap.


The only viable alternative is to provide a platform, where people can connect, transact and create value from any location within and outside the country without the need for heavy investments into starting a business, owning an office, setting up infrastructure, which in most cases proven to be expensive and capital intensive.


Lack of viable capital to start a business in Nigeria, generate more market share, and start to earn a profit is discouraging and very difficult, considering Nigeria’s peculiar economic environment. This is fundamentally the reason why we have the number of new businesses opening in Nigeria, compared to other sub-Saharan African countries is declining at a worrying rate. See below:




Nigeria, a country projected to have as much as 476 million people by 2058, a continuously rising demography is at enormous risk of having more of its labor force with nothing to do to earn a living. This situation can create a huge economic and social crisis, where criminal elements within and outside the country may explore the idle-minded ones and lure them into criminality. We have begun to see the outcome of this with the rise in digital criminals. Nigeria is now rated as one of the top spots for cyber-criminal activities.

At IPI Group Limited, the sister company of Gloomme Business Connections Limited, the registered trademark for Gloomme Platform, Crowwe, and Tablars, they believe that lack of available alternative where genuine economic activities can be done might accelerate the idle mind’s adoption of the actions of the criminal or illegal channel. This, in most cases, dents the country’s images and has significant consequences on the foreign direct investment, at the same time, encourages capital flight.




Below is the detailed description of Gloomme Platform, owned and run by Gloomme

Business Connections Limited, IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited, the propriety of IPI Group Limited.



Gloomme is a platform where businesses, independent professionals, and consumers connect and collaborate remotely. Its features include;

– Post a request

– Order an offer

– Create an offer

– Wallet

– Audio and video call

– Two chat windows

– Post feed

– Verified users

– Order tracking

– Countdown

– Rating and comment

– Language change



Welcome to Gloomme, a platform that creates access for the buyer and seller community to interact. Buyers can search and find sellers of products and services.

The seller community can reach so many buyers of products and services which they have to offer. The platform grants its users access, flexibility, and security.



Signing up on Gloomme is made easy; users can also signup using various social login details for platforms like Facebook and Google.


WHAT NEXT AFTER A SUCCESSFUL ACCOUNT CREATION If you have verified your account from your email inbox, you are on track!


The next thing to do, is to go to your profile and have it updated. This will help improve your experience on the platform, added for the sellers, will increase your chance of being contacted.

After your profile has been updated, you can now enjoy Gloomme’ s many features.


Now as a buyer, you can post an offer request to the seller community, place orders on products or services that you need.

As a seller, you can create offers of products and services for the buyer community, get orders and deliver.



Post a request to the seller community from your home page or by clicking on Buying which can be seen on the top bar menu. You will be directed to a page where you will be asked to describe what you are looking for as well as a few more details. This will tell the sellers what you need for your request and help guide the offers that are sent by the sellers for your requests, making it easy for you to pick who you want to get the job done.

After you have successfully posted your request, you can now track the offers sent from Manage Requests. Go to the BUYING page to track all your requests and orders.

Manage Requests shows you how many offers have been sent for your request, select the offer that best suits your requirement and proceed to place an order.  



Manage requests that have been posted to the seller community. After offers have been sent for your posted request, you can select which offer is best based on your requirement and request here. After this is done and an order is placed on a selected offer, you can now move to manage order to track your orders.



In manage order, you can track your placed order from Awaiting approval to Waiting to start to Ongoing to Delivered and finally Completed.


Awaiting Approval: seller will have to accept or reject your placed order. Gloomme have provided a communication window; you can chat and have both audio and video calls with the seller at any point till the delivery of the request. Once approved, you can now move to wait to start. Now your invoice will be visible with your details and that of the seller.

Waiting to Start: you can track your orders here to know which one is yet to start. Once the seller starts the order, your order moves from this stage to Ongoing.  

Ongoing: We have provided a countdown timer here, so you and the seller won’t miss the time of delivery of your order. From here, the seller will proceed to deliver.

Delivered: You will see all delivered products and services here, awaiting your approval. Only when you confirm will the order be registered by the system as delivered and completed and when the payment goes to the seller through our wallet system. Please ensure you see and check what is being delivered and your communication is on the platform.

Complete: You will see all your completed orders here.



Offers are products or services that you have expertise in, you make this available on the platform for buyers who will need them. Creating Offers is what you do next after updating your profile. You are here for business, so you need to create what you want the buyer to buy. You can create new offers by clicking on Selling in the top bar menu and going to create new offers/products.



Buyers will always post their requests and they will be made visible to the seller community. When requests are posted by buyers for either a product or service, you can send an offer to the buyer if they are requesting what you offer on the platform. You can manage posted requests here till an order is placed by the buyer, then you can manage these placed orders in manage sales.



In manage sales, you can track placed orders from buyers, and we display your activities to you, so you do not miss a delivery date, from Awaiting approval to Awaiting start to Ongoing to Delivered and completed.


Awaiting Approval: here you can accept or reject orders placed by the buyer. We have provided communication windows; so, you can chat and have both audio and video calls with the buyer at any point till the delivery of the request. Once you accept an order, you can now move to Await start. Now your invoice will be visible with your details and that of the buyer.
Awaiting Start: you can track orders here to know which project you are yet to start working on. Once you start an order, your order moves from this stage to Ongoing.
Ongoing: We have provided a countdown timer here, so you won’t miss the time of delivery of an order. We carefully thought of everything to give you a great experience. From here, you can proceed to Delivered.
Delivered: you will see all your delivered products and services here, which are awaiting the buyer’s delivery confirmation. Please ensure you attach a proof of delivered offers, it goes a long way.
Complete: You will see all your completed and confirmed orders here.



We have provided a dashboard for visibility of all your earning on Gloomme. You can also request for payout – this is when you want to move the money in your digital Gloomme wallet to your bank account. Yes! We have a wallet in the Gloomme application, considering that most projects/jobs are done remotely.



• Wallet: Gloomme has provided a digital wallet for users to make and receive payment for products and services ordered for in the platform. Using our wallet, users can do wallet recharge, also make a withdrawal of funds from their app wallet to their bank accounts. To recharge your wallet, click on wallet → Click on add money to wallet → follow the instructions and add requested details.



  •     AUDIO, VIDEO CALL, AND CHAT: Communicating with the buyer or seller at any point of the transaction is made easy when using Gloomme. We provide two chatting windows for our users.
  •     SECOND CHAT WINDOW: This window is available for communication especially when

the service has started.


  • POST FEEDS: our users can also socialize, start discussions and even educate other users of Gloomme platform.
  • VERIFIED USERS: Verification of users is done by the admin after reviewing the user details. This is to ensure we offer our users security as they come onboard.
  •     SELECT PAYMENT OPTION: Buyers and sellers have the option of agreeing on the payment option that works best for them. They can select a full payment option, either at the start or on delivery of an order, part payment, or payment by milestone.
  •     COUNTDOWN TIMER: We want our users to always stay on track and deliver on time,

    so we included a countdown timer.

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