• Friday, July 19, 2024
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A new place for cupid


Wole loves the internet, especially the opportunities it offers.  He was in his favourite café one day, out of curiosity; he decided to visit a dating website.

There, he met and chatted with a 26-years-old Nigerian lady, Tina, who was single.  As their communication grew over time, so was the intimacy.

Wole was having problem with his relationship of two years. He needed a break hence he sought for a new friend to confide in.  He, however, found solace in the comforting of words of Tina, his newly found online friend.

Tina, who was also trying to heal from past wound, gradually grew fond of Wole and got carried away by his charms.  Before long, they both fixed a date to meet and realised they were very compatible.  They went on many holidays visiting many places together. Their burgeoning love was an opportunity to walk away from their past. Theirs is an exceptional case when it comes to online dating.

Many websites are springing up on the internet to meet the needs of your and old people who are recently finding alternative means of getting into relationships.

Today, online dating and social networking has become a billion dollar business, which many are turning to find love, romance and connections.  The field may be relatively new, yet its presence has been felt long enough.  These days, many people find online dating more convenient and safe than the traditional form of dating.

With the advent of online dating, people’s opinion on the place of traditional dating differs. Ronke Afolayan, a student argues that the traditional style of dating may be going into extinction.  “I don’t believe traditional dating stands a chance against computer cupids,” says Afolayan. “The internet seems to fit the bill for lover-birds who are always so wrapped up in the kind of world online dating has to offer.”

Eniola Adeshina, a mother of one, says the internet has a profound effect on nearly every aspect of people’s lives; hence the art of courting and dating have been changed forever by the advent on online dating services.

Love is the elusive word that so many seek.  It’s no wonder online dating can be so enticing.  I’ve heard that traditional courtship is in deep trouble. But I’m not so sure.  I am clear though, as to why it would appear so.”

IbrahimAfolabi, a fashion designer, has a different view.  He believes traditional form of dating is better and stands the test of time when compared to online dating.

“Online dating is dangerous.”  He observes, “as the two parties involved may not have opportunity to know each other very well in the vent the relationship leads to marriage.  For the traditional form, the families have the opportunity to research into one another’s background; know the kind of family the woman or man is raised, among other things.”

It’s so amazing how online dating has taken over the hearts of young and old people in the society.  Even married men and women are not exempted from the snare of online relationship.  Many marriages have been ensnared by the game of online dating, while several are on the verge of collapse.

Relationship experts however say people have always believed love is the basis any relationship is built however; the reality shows s long-lasting and promising relationship can be determined by different factors other than love.

Some of these factors include character disposition of the partner; his/her educational background, family traits and beliefs, level of productivity, health status, level of wisdom and understanding of the people is very important, these and many more are thing you should look out for if you want a promising relationship.

Online dating is giving a new perspective to this.  Due to the ease, security, anonymity and comfort associated with online dating, those who engage in it can sometimes be prone to skirting real world interaction.

The comfort that an online filter provides can make a person less likely to approach another potential love interest in the real world.  For example, a person who engages in online dating may be reluctant to approach someone they find attractive in other situations, because of the immediate potential of reflection and perceived pressure to impress.  This can breed a cycle of insecurity and discourage the user from taking real life personal relationship risk.

Be that as it may, the perception of online dating may be changing for some people.  For instance, the social stigma attached to those who engage in online dating can affect the self-esteem of the parties involved; especially if those in their peer group do not support them or have negative perceptions of it.

Some of those who engage in online dating may begin to feel less desirable because they have resorted to online dating.  Those with a stronger or wee-adjusted sense of self-esteem and self-worth, and those who are supported by their peers are unlikely to have those feelings.