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International team-building conference to hold Saturday

The international team building conference is set to hold this Saturday, October 12, 2019, at the House of Praise, Lekki, Lagos State. The maiden event is being put together by One Big Pie Limited.

This year’s theme tagged “Execution: The art of getting more things done”, is meant to emphasise the need for collaboration among individuals and organisations in order to achieve bigger goals in life.

According to the organisers, the event will essentially focus on a practical approach on how to effectively build a team, activate the right skills and mindset to form formidable teams that will drive corporate goals to success.

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Addressing journalist recently, Saviour Ogenenwe, the convener said the conference is aimed at helping youths learn and understand team building towards achieving set goals and to better conceptualize, execute the set goals.

“In today’s world, to achieve organizational goals, it can never be done by an individual which makes it more critical for organizations to form a formidable team that can drive the corporate goals with the vision and mission. Truth is, a block put together cannot make a building but rather, a cluster of blocks with holes. What transforms a mere cluster of blocks to a building with a solid foundation, is the application of cement with water. In the real sense, that is what makes a strong team and every strong organisation void of loopholes”, Ogenenwe said.

He further highlighted that the conference will also focus on three major points of value – share learning experience, networking opportunities and fun. According to a statement released by the organisers, it takes a lot of confidence to walk up to someone and ask for their contact or even strike up a conversation. What we want to do is through the team building activities; we will break the ice and folks will be able to connect and network with other people and we trust that it can lead to other greater collaboration.

“We are going to align what the speakers will teach in line with the team building activities so that it is not just theoretical but very practical and after each team building activities, participants in each group will be given the opportunity to share their learning experience which gives us the opportunity to see things differently and from other people’s perspective”, Ogenenwe added.


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