FITC CEO Newman receives Thomas Gilbert Award

FITC CEO Newman receives Thomas Gilbert Award
Managing director/CEO, Financial Institutions Training Centre (FITC), Lucy Newman, has been honoured in the US with the prestigious Thomas F. Gilbert Distinguished Professional Achievement Award.
The award ceremony held at the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) Annual Awards Luncheon in the US, was chaired by ISPI president, Scott Casad. Who became the immediate past president at the conference, heralding the beginning of Rose Nixon as President.
The recognition of Newman comes close to the end of her two terms of five years each at the FITC and recognises her progressive contribution to the field, from 2001 to date.
Speaking at the award ceremony, Newman said she would carry the award with all the honour and dignity it deserved. Newman is the first person to receive this award from outside North America, the youngest recipient so far and the 30th recipient, since the award was established in 1991. The late Dr. Thomas F Gilbert is acclaimed The Father of the field of Human Performance Technology, the founding principles of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI).
FITC has under Newman continued to provide quality training, consulting and research services to the players in the financial services sector and related industries within Nigeria and across Africa.
Newman joined ISPI as an International Member in the year 2000, earned her Certified Performance Technologist [CPT] designation early 2008. She was invited to join the 10-person International Task Force, created by ISPI Board in 2008, to plan ISPI’s global expansion. She became an ISPI Life Member, in 2009.
She was the first elected International Director on the Global Board of ISPI, in ISPI‚Äôs 52 year from inception in 1960, that was neither North American nor European, in her role as an International Director on the Global Board, from 2012 ‚Äď 2014, she represented ISPI members in 48 countries outside the United States. Dr Newman has published articles and book chapters in the field of Human Performance Technology, dating back several years. Her doctoral dissertation published in 2008, is also on Leadership and Performance.
The International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) is a non-profit association for performance improvement professionals dedicated to improving individual, organizational, and societal functioning, productivity, and accomplishment in the workplace. The Certified Performance Technologist (CPT) designation Newman bears, is awarded by the ISPI, to individuals whose work demonstrates their ability to get results by systematically identifying and removing barriers to performance.
FITC is the apex management development institution in the Nigerian financial services sector, which operates as a non-profit organisation limited by guarantee. Its membership is consisted of institutions within the Nigerian Banker’s Committee. FITC’s continental footprints shows that its services are increasingly being patronized by operators and regulators within the financial services sector especially, the banking industries in Togo, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Lone, Uganda, Tanzania, Cote d’ Ivoire, Mozambique, Zambia and Ethiopia.

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