• Thursday, May 23, 2024
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NIPCO Gas wins award for innovation

NIPCO Gas wins award for innovation

NIPCO Gas Limited, a Nigerian gas company has been awarded the “Most Innovative Gas Company of the Year” by Energy Times Newspaper.

The award recognises NIPCO Gas’ significant contributions to the development of Nigeria’s gas sector.

Nagendra Verma, managing director of NIPCO Gas, expressed his gratitude to the organizers for acknowledging the company’s efforts.

He highlighted the launch of their first Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station in Benin City in 2009 as a testament to their commitment to promoting gas utilization as a clean and alternative fuel source.

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Verma emphasised NIPCO Gas’ dedication to expanding the country’s gas infrastructure. He pointed to their recent partnership with NNPC Ltd. to establish CNG stations nationwide, aiming to make CNG a more accessible and affordable fuel option for Nigerians.

NIPCO Gas currently operates 16 CNG outlets and has successfully converted over 8,000 vehicles to CNG. Their expertise positions them as a key player in supporting the government’s initiatives for a more economical and environmentally friendly fuel sector.

Yakubu Lawal, chairman of the Energy Times Editorial Board, commended NIPCO Gas for its pioneering role in the Auto CNG sector.

He believes their expertise will be instrumental in harnessing Nigeria’s abundant gas resources and facilitating the transition to cleaner fuel alternatives.