• Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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IEA forecasts clean energy to create 14mn jobs by 2030

IEA forecasts clean energy to create 14mn jobs by 2030

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) net-zero emissions scenario by 2050 estimates that 14 million new clean energy jobs will be created by 2030, driven by climate concerns outweighing declines in fossil fuel jobs.

In its, World Energy Employment report, the IEA forecasts that another 16 million workers will switch to new roles related to clean energy.

In Africa, power sector employment will be driven by objectives to achieve universal access to electricity, making the production and distribution of mini- or off-grid solutions major drivers of employment, it said.

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The IEA sais the recent rebound in many economies saw clean energy surpass the 50 percent mark for its share of total energy employment, with nearly two-thirds of workers involved in building new projects and manufacturing clean energy technologies.

“Governments, companies, labour representatives and educators must come together to develop the programmes and accreditations needed to cultivate this workforce and ensure the jobs created are quality jobs that can attract a diverse workforce,”said Fatih Birol, executive director, IEA.

More than half of energy employment will be in the Asia-Pacific region with China alone accounting for 30 percent of the global energy workforce.

Access to lower-cost labour cost has enabled the emergence of manufacturing hubs that serve both local and export markets, notably for solar, electric vehicles and batteries in China, the report said.