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Duport Midstream Energy Park to kick-start operations in October

Duport Midstream Energy Park to kick-start operations in October

Duport Midstream Company Limited (DMCL), an energy company says its newly built energy park in Egbokor, Edo State will kick-start operations in October 2021.

The energy park is the first of its kind in Africa’s biggest economy and West Africa is the only park with a refinery operation, gas processing plant, and power plant sharing the same resources.

Powered by Platform Capital the energy park has a 10,000 barrel per day refining capacity, a 50 megawatts plant capacity, and a 60million scf gas processing plant.

“We realize that the best way to solve our energy problem is by making it last mile – where people can access it easily, thus making the cost less and the business scalable,” Akintoye Akindele, managing director of Duport Midstream notes during a chat with journalists recently.

“We decided to build an energy park that has a refinery operation, a gas operation that does CNG with a potential LNG, and a power plant with all sharing the same resources,” Akindele says.

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He says the park will contribute to the availability of petroleum products, utilization of the country’s abundant gas resources, and power generation for industries.

He notes that operations in the energy park facility will kick start in October 2021.

“Come October first, the first energy park with a gas refinery, power, and modular energy goes live for the first time in the world,” he states.

He explains that the energy park is 70 percent local content as most of its parts were built locally by contractors apart from the compressors and refinery done abroad.

He says the park will commence operation with a 2,500 per day refining, a five megawatts plant, and a 40 million scf gas processing from the installed capacities of each operation.

“We can produce and sell below the cost they ship abroad. It means kerosene and diesel can be cheaper,” he says.

“We plan to build all these small modular parks in strategic areas where trucks can drive in and buy, this helps to cut about 30 percent of the cost,” he further says.

The Nigerian Content Development Board (NCDMB) invested $15 million to acquire an equity stake in Duport Midstream for the development of the park.

Duport Midstream is among the indigenous oil companies which were recently awarded one of the 57 marginal oil fields in the country.

This, according to the organisation, will enable them to further reduce their cost as they would be getting their gas and crude directly from the fields.

“We bid for the marginal field to process locally. Our game plan is to have refineries and gas plants. Get the gas to power to put electricity in homes and industries,” he says.