• Saturday, May 25, 2024
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‘We want to foster creative approach to learning for next generation leaders’

Hampton Preparatory School

Determined to foster 21st-century education that is not centered only on the basic Mathematics, English and Science, Hampton Preparatory School has opened a new location for its Upper School in Lagos.

Kemi Balogun, Linda Adeyemi-Hastrup and Iyefe Oludoyi, directors of the school, said the upper school aims to value and recognise the uniqueness and achievement of every student, with a sole mission of creating a stimulating learning environment, where all students can grow in confidence and develop their full potential.

“The progress of every child is very important to us, we aim to nurture and support all abilities, helping every child to achieve his/her potential in all areas of learning – intellectual, emotional, physical, social, moral, spiritual and cultural,” the directors said.

In her opening address, Bolanle Austen-Peters, member of the Board of Governors, observed that Education was about touching the hearts and souls of each student and letting them explore their God-given talent.

Austen-Peters further said that the 21st-century education should also give young people the ability to think outside the box and the opportunity to explore their passions.

“Hampton Preparatory School was created out of the imagination of a group of women and men who wanted to add something positive to the Nigerian education system,” Austen-Peters said.

Roy K. Lillyman, head of Upper School, in his official address, said that a unique feature about the school was its family atmosphere and small class size that ensures an environment where all students can grow.

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“Hampton Prep is a school where all students are valued and prepared to face the challenges the world may bring; it provides a common identity, sense of belonging, common good of community and country,” Lillyman said.

The head of upper school, who has served in various leadership capacities in the Nigerian educational sector for over 16 years, pointed out that Hampton Preparatory School has shown its world-class capabilities regardless of its short record.

According to him, “It gives students, staff, and parents something to value, something worth respecting and a world-class experience.”

Folakemi Fatogbe, a member of the board of directors of the school, said that Education should be given more attention in Nigeria, stressing that children should be educated differently.

“Teachers should be heavily invested in the growth of their students,” Fatogbe said.

Hampton Preparatory School is a British Preparatory School, offering the British curriculum from the Early Years Foundation Stage through to Year 8 and catering for the needs of children between the ages of 3 months – 13 years.

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