University of Ottawa offers special scholarship for Nigerian students

The University of Ottawa, a Canadian tertiary institution, has announced a special renewable scholarship for Nigerian and African students who are studying in English.

According to information from the university’s website, eligible candidates for the scholarship are students who are currently admitted into the faculty of engineering, social science and/or sciences.

The scholarship is in two folds, the entrance scholarship which is available for African students with an admission average of 89.9percent lower and the excellence scholarship which is available for students with 90percent above.

The entrance and excellence scholarships according to a statement from the university are four-year scholarships that will have a significant reduction in the tuition fee of the African students.

The scholarship amounts differ based on the faculty and admission average; for excellence scholarship in engineering; $25,000 (N10,399,000) a year; social science $17,500 (N7,279,300) a year; science $17,500 (N7,279,300) a year while for entrance scholarship in engineering $20,000 (N8,319,200) a year; social science $12,500 (N5,186,125) per year; sciences $12,500 (N5,186,125) per year.

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However, one of the conditions is that the entrance scholarship cannot be combined with the excellence scholarship.

And to be eligible for these scholarships, one must meet the following requirements;

Have proof of citizenship from any African countries

Have a valid student’s Canadian study permit

Be newly admitted into any of the following undergraduate programs offered in English or with the French immersion:

Engineering: Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering

Social sciences: Sociology, Anthropology, International Development and Globalization, Conflict Studies, Public Administration

Science: All programmes except for the joint honours BSc in Biochemistry / BASc in Chemical Engineering (Biotechnology); the joint honours BSc in Physics / BA/BSc in Electrical Engineering; and the honours BSc in Ophthalmic Medical Technology must be enrolled in full-time study.

For the entrance scholarship: Candidates must have an admission average of 89.99 percent or lower once converted in the university’s grading scale

For the excellence scholarship: candidates must have an admission average of a minimum of 90 percent once converted in the university’s grading scale.

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