• Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Foundation provides literary learning opportunity in remote communities

Some of the beneficiaries

In a move aimed at providing learning opportunities for children from less-privileged homes, the Special Youth Foundation has provided learning opportunities for children in marginalised communities through a literacy project.

The programme, the Foundation says, is to bridge the gap of lack of access to learning occasioned by the closure of schools due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The literacy project which commenced on June 16, in Kuchiyako Community, Kuje, Abuja utilizes an EdTech solution for remote learning- The Mavis Talking Books (an audio-visual, offline solution).

The learning procedure requires the user to simply turn on the Talking Pen and tap on the pages of the book to hear the lessons and do exercises in a fun and engaging manner.

However, organisers say the programme was unique because it eliminates the need for a mobile device, internet connection, TV or radio and allows children to learn in the absence of a teacher.

The literacy project has so far impacted the lives of over 300 children in the Kuchiyako community by improving their literacy and learning profoundly, while baseline tests at the start of the project and further assessments during and after the project revealed the immense growth of the children.

Founder of the foundation, Seyi Akinwale, says the Foundation’s partnership with Kazahchat School and Mavis talking books has been instrumental in the successful execution of the literacy project.

“We’ve been pleased with the results of the baseline tests which have shown improved learning from the children,” he said.