• Thursday, December 07, 2023
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FITC trains youths on combating cyber-attacks

FITC trains youth on combating cybersecurity

FITC Future of Work Academy (FITC FOWA) is training and equipping talented youths and professionals with the necessary tools to combat cyber attacks head-on.

The organisation also announced the official induction of talented youths from around the world into its esteemed School of Cybersecurity.

The induction ceremony, which took place recently, marks a significant milestone in addressing the global shortage of cybersecurity professionals and safeguarding digital ecosystems.

Chizor Malize, the MD and CEO of FITC, highlighted the exceptional dedication and expertise invested in crafting the curriculum for the FITC Future of Work Academy’s School of Cybersecurity, in collaboration with CISCO Networking Academy.

“With a keen understanding of the global demand for cybersecurity professionals, the curriculum was thoughtfully designed to cater to individuals with varying levels of expertise, accommodating both seasoned practitioners well-versed in the intricacies of cybersecurity, risk management, and incident response, as well as newcomers to the field,” she revealed.

Malize further emphasized that the comprehensive curriculum, which encompasses major cybersecurity disciplines, provides a holistic approach that equips participants with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the digital age.

Addressing the inductees, Malize noted the profound impact they would have beyond their time at the academy, as the skills and knowledge gained would contribute to organizations, industries, and the global cybersecurity landscape.

She encouraged the students to embrace the limitless potential of the cybersecurity domain and become catalysts for a safer and more secure digital world.

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FITC is the world-class, innovation-led, and technology-driven knowledge institution providing learning, advisory services, and policy advocacy to the Nigerian financial service sector and other sectors of the economy.

In an era defined by cyber threats, the FITC FOWA School of Cybersecurity stands at the forefront, moulding the future workforce. What sets the FITC FOWA School of Cybersecurity apart is not only its comprehensive approach but also its accessibility, as attendance is free.

The trailblazing knowledge initiative through an unparalleled experience is dedicated to empowering individuals with the essential skills to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity.

John Anyanwu, partner & head of cyber and privacy, KPMG Nigeria, also spoke at the induction ceremony, emphasizing the growing importance of cybersecurity in today’s business landscape.

He highlighted the continuous investment in technology by micro, small, and medium enterprises, which has resulted in both opportunities and vulnerabilities.

“As we build more smart assets, we expose ourselves to potential cyber harm and threats, thereby creating an increasing demand for cyber security professionals across various levels: technology and technical, policy formulation, governance, and risk management” he said.

Anyanwu went on to explain that the field of cyber security extends far beyond traditional boundaries and presents a multitude of opportunities, especially with the integration of artificial intelligence.

The exponential increase in these opportunities further reinforces the demand for cyber security professionals. Addressing the participants, he expressed his confidence in their career choice and encouraged them to remain focused and actively participate in the Academy.

Delivering the induction charge, David Isiavwe, president and chairman – Board of Trustees of the Information Security Society of Africa, Nigeria (ISSAN), emphasized the critical nature of the cybersecurity profession and the protection of valuable digital assets.

He addressed the aspiring cybersecurity professionals of the first cohort of the FITC School of Cyber Security, recognizing their commitment to safeguarding the digital landscape in the face of escalating cyber-attacks.

Isiavwe stated, ‘Your presence here today symbolizes your steadfast commitment towards safeguarding our digital landscape.’