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Viluton Energy to innovate ‘gas to door’ delivery initiative

Viluton Energy to innovate ‘gas to door’ delivery initiative

Viluton Energy through its subsidiary, Viluton Gas is on a mission to promote safety, facilitate migration to cooking gas, ameliorate the customer experience and enhance the process of purchasing through its “Cooking gas for everyone” scheme, a gas to door delivery service.

Viluton is unwavering in its dedication to guaranteeing safety, in an industry that is plagued with fears of fire hazards by supplying cooking gas in our brand-new SON certified cylinders.

The company is resolute in its commitment to getting LPG cylinders into as many households and MSMEs as possible; thereby playing their part in the reduction of accidents synonymous with poor quality cylinders such as an explosion. This is achieved by supplying gas in Viluton cylinders and ensuring that they are regularly maintained and checked before refilling.

The Federal Government plans to implement a policy that will remove the ownership of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (cooking gas) cylinders from consumers. Customers pay for only the content i.e. cooking gas, while the company owns the cylinders and controls the management of said cylinders.

Ugonwa Okolo, the CEO of the company, who has an MSc in Energy Trade Finance, stated that “Viluton has been in business for 8 years delivering petroleum products direct to consumers and has become a brand that is trusted, with a reputation for outstanding services and innovative solutions in the oil and gas space.

The cylinder exchange scheme supports the Federal Government’s initiative, as we use our innovative and disruptive software that tracks our cylinders to deliver the gas. Safety is important to us, thus one of the reasons we took this decision is for us to be able to, at any point in time; discern and discover bad cylinders, cylinders that need recertification and cylinders that need to be removed from circulation.”

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She opined that most cylinders owned by homeowners or micro-businesses are damaged, faulty, leaking, dented, rusty, compromised in some manner, welded by local artisans without adhering to standards or have expired {beyond 15 years}. Delivery is also handled safely and the consumer simply swaps an empty cylinder with a filled Viluton Gas cylinder in the comfort of their homes; eliminating the need for transporting gas cylinders in their vehicles and long queues at gas plants, especially during this pandemic, with the necessity of adhering to social distancing measures.

The World Health Organization states that over 98,000 Nigerian women die annually from the use of firewood. In the case of micro-businesses, a lot of food vendors still engage in the use of charcoal, firewood and kerosene in cooking. These are obsolete methods of cooking, which lead to a respiratory condition called Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease (COPD); caused by long term inhalation and exposure to smoke. Other diseases attributable to the air pollution caused by the inefficient use of solid fuels and kerosene for cooking include pneumonia, stroke, Ischaemic heart disease and lung cancer. Therefore, we all must play our part in positioning LPG as the way to go.

Another factor considered was the fact that customers are usually hesitant about changing their cylinders because of the acquisition cost involved. Consequently, they keep their old, defective cylinders rather than replacing them. Other reasons are lack of information about the hazards posed by these or not knowing where to purchase cylinders or accessories that are of the regulatory standards.

Over the years, Viluton has developed an outstanding reputation for delivery reliability, quantity accuracy and affordability. This is very remarkable considering this is a sector in the industry infamous for its trust deficit due to sharp practices. It is also pertinent to note that the company supplies products of standard specification, providing adequate information regarding the estimated time of arrival and ensuring prompt delivery of cooking gas.

Our ultimate mission is to get LPG into most homes, micro-businesses and commercial kitchens in Nigeria; eliminate the worry of cooking gas procurement whilst promoting LPG as the cleaner, safer, cheaper and more reliable household fuel for cooking.
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