• Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Upperlink expands international market options for local merchants

Upperlink expands international market options for local merchants

An indigenous software development company Upperlink, is seeking to expand international market options for local merchants, particularly in Nigeria and other emerging markets.

The company is doing so armed with Upperlink Paygate, its proprietary payment gateway collection platform.

The company is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as a Payment Solution Service Provider (PSSP).

As a result, it is shopping for credible partners to help its expansion mission and Vanguard reliably gathered that its search has resulted in a partnership agreement with a renowned global payment and financial services company that will act as a Payment Facilitator. The partner will be unveiled soon.

The managing director of Upperlink, Segun Akano said Paygate would address an apparent lack in the commercial sector pertaining to collections for merchants in both local and foreign currency.

He said: “It will meet the needs of businesses across Africa, as these businesses can now connect with a wider range of potential customers across the globe.”

For him, this edge is what made the Paygate platform an invaluable tool for merchants in Sub-Saharan Africa, as it provides them with a better way of doing business and in the process improves the foreign exchange earnings of the country.

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The collaboration with this global payment company has enabled the company to leverage the benefits of its services and led to the deployment of Upperlink Paygate.

Akano added: “Upperlink PayGate is robust and has the capabilities to process payment across all card schemes including MasterCard, American Express, China UnionPay and others. The lack of accessibility to services such as this has resulted in the inability of merchants to expand their business into the international market due to the absence of a medium through which income can be received from foreign customers”.

The partnership is expected to provide Upperlink with the infrastructure, competence, and support necessary for businesses, sub-merchants, and aggregators to begin accepting card payments.

By taking advantage of its partner’s unique capabilities, Upperlink Paygate will offer a platform for businesses across sub-Saharan Africa to receive payments from clients all over the world in both local and foreign currency.

In its over two decades of operation, the company has employed cutting-edge technologies to develop landmark solutions that cater to the enterprise needs of corporate and individuals with suitable long-term solutions that currently thrive in both the corporate and government sectors.