• Friday, December 01, 2023
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Money Wit Club promotes financial literacy, launches radio show

Money Wit Club promotes financial literacy, launches radio show

The Money Wit Club has launched the Money Wit Show, a radio programme designed to provide practical personal finance education to Nigerians.

The Money Wit Club is an investment community that supports its members to achieve their financial goals through financial education and access to investment opportunities. By launching this show, the club desires to reach more individuals who are seeking guidance and support in their personal finance journeys.

“Our aim is to extend the reach of the Money Wit Club and share our expertise with a larger audience,” explains Ola Oladele, CFA, founder of the Money Wit Club. “The radio programme provides an avenue for us to connect with individuals who may not be able to join the club but still need to improve their financial well-being.”

Mismanagement of finances is a prevalent issue faced by many due to factors such as lack of budgeting skills, lifestyle inflation, impulsive spending, and financial obligations. The misconception that increased income will resolve financial problems often proves untrue, as financial stability requires more than just a higher salary.

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Individuals with substantial financial resources also often struggle to identify sound investments, falling prey to scams posing as legitimate opportunities. There’s a knowledge gap among many in understanding investment opportunities and taking the right steps to secure their finances. The Money Wit Show aims to bridge this knowledge gap.

The show is hosted by Ola Oladele and listeners can anticipate financial education made of simple, insightful discussions, interviews with experts, and success stories from everyday individuals who have achieved financial progress.

“Financial literacy is a vital life skill that should be accessible to all,” Oladele emphasises. “Through our prime-time radio program that airs in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt, we are reaching a broader audience and helping individuals take control of their financial lives.”

The Money Wit Show holds every Thursday at 5:30 pm on Nigeria Info 95.1 Port Harcourt, 4:30 pm on Cool FM 95.9 Abuja, and 5:30 pm on Inspiration FM 92.3 Lagos. It is also available for streaming on platforms like Spotify, apple podcasts, google podcasts, and Anchor.

Visit this link to listen on your favorite platform: https://linktr.ee/themoneywitshow