Giving Nigerians access to global investment opportunities through Money Wit Club

Ola Oladele is a CFA Charter holder with over 14 years’ experience in fixed income, financial markets, macro economy and investments. She started her career as a securities trader at Kakawa Discount House Ltd (now FBNQuest Merchant Bank) and her last role was at Parthian Partners Ltd – a fixed income brokerage firm. There she was part of the executive management team with both market and operational oversight of the business.

While building her career in finance, Ola was actively engaged in bridging the pervasive financial education gap amongst individuals. This led her to establish a financial Wellness company and parent company of the Money Wit Club.

She also on the faculty of Tekedia Mini MBA and Joseph Business School Lagos. Her thoughts on personal finance, investing and the economy have been featured on both local and foreign traditional and electronic media.

What does The Money Wit Club represent?
If you are a professional or business owner that wants to secure your financial future through profitable investing, you need to join the Money Wit Club! The Money Wit Club is a great community that gives our members access to global investment opportunities while providing financial education.

For anyone that has have ever lost money to either bad investments, fraud or inflation, the way to avoid repeating that experience is simply financial education combined with access to good opportunities. That’s what we do at the Money Wit Club.

I have found three major challenges with investing profitably – finding the opportunity, understanding the opportunity, and then taking action. These three challenges are what we aim to solve in the club! At the club we ride on an extensive network of market players to bring the best deals to the house, explain various assets in simple English and break down the steps so that taking action is very easy to do!

Apart from traditional investments like stocks and bonds, we also invest in real assets like creatives, technology, transportation etc and in various currencies. The best thing is that you can join even if you do not know anything about investing – this is a safe space to learn about investing, hear about the best opportunities and build wealth.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our incredible club.

What would you describe as the greatest passion that has brought you this far in your career?

I am very passionate about seeing people thrive- living up to their highest capacity. I believe that there is a seed of greatness in everyone and a seed of generational wealth in every paycheck – including the ones that are “not enough”. My life’s work is to help people recognize their seeds, plant them appropriately and watch them blossom.

“What men can do; women can do better”. In your candid opinion, can you say women are doing enough in the as compared to their male-counterparts?
I believe that men and women bring different things to the table and as a society, everyone needs to play their role. In the journey to #embraceequity there is room for improvement by both genders. As much as men need to create room for an enabling environment, more women need to step into the room and fill up the space confidently. I strongly believe that for the world to fully draw on the value that women have to give, both genders have some work to do.

There has been an increase in the rate of rape and sexual abuse on the girl child, do you think social media has been a negative influence to the society especially on the female gender?

Dig a little, you will find that sexual abuse has been prevalent for years and the victims didn’t have any outlets to tell their story and seek redress. In fact, the victim was usually blamed for the abuse! This obviously led to more silence.
In my opinion, social media is simply letting us know what is happening, equipping us with information to protect the most vulnerable better, and is forcing us to have some tough conversations that were somewhat a taboo a few years ago. I think awareness is good and as a society we should have these hard conversations and create a legal framework to protect vulnerable members of our society.

As a career woman, how are you able to manage your home and office as well as other responsibilities and still be able to maintain a successful career?
Every success comes from hard work, putting in the necessary hours and a huge doze of favour from above. However, I have had somethings work for me all of my career. I have been fortunate to work for family-friendly companies where -apart from crunch time, work hours have been reasonable. I also have a good family support system and support staff to carry the burden of home making. Finally, and especially as I run my own company now,- Planning! I take time out to plan my month, week and day! Everything I need to do (both personal and work related) is on a list and in my calendar. Of course, somethings get moved to the next day or two but the list helps me see all I need to do and prioritise appropriately.

What message do you have for the Nigerian women as they celebrate this year International Women’s Day?

For every Nigerian woman, there is something you can be great at. Just keep seeking to find it and in that journey of finding it- take up space! You deserve to be in that room that you are in, so actually #embraceequity and thrive!

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