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Lagos Aviation Academy boosts capacity with new training facility

Lagos Aviation Academy boosts capacity with new training facility

Lagos Aviation Academy (LAA) has increased capacity in aviation training institution in Nigeria with the inauguration of its new state-of-the-art building.

This expansion marks a significant step for LAA, exponentially increasing its ability to train future aviation professionals.

Speaking during the launch of the building in Lagos, Bankole Bernard, the group managing director of Finchglow Holdings, emphasised LAA’s dedication to upholding the industry’s stringent regulations.

According to him, the idea for Lagos Aviation Academy started in Madrid, Spain, when the International Air Transport Association (IATA) informed him that Nigeria only had 10 aviation training centers.

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“I thought that can’t be right. Nigeria has a population exceeding 200 million, and we only have 10 training centers?’ So, I decided to establish the 11th one, and we aimed to make it the very best. That’s how LAA came to be.”

Established in 2017, LAA boasts of a distinguished track record, having already empowered over 2,000 students to take flight in their aviation careers. This achievement is a testament to LAA’s commitment to rigorous standards.

“Many shy away from this field due to the high regulatory requirements set by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). You simply cannot launch a cabin crew or dispatcher program without the NCAA’s approval,” Bernard said.

“LAA’s graduates are well-positioned for success, with many finding employment with airlines, travel agencies, or pursuing careers as certified flight dispatchers.

“The new facility directly addresses the previous space limitations, effectively doubling the number of classrooms from four to eight. This expansion empowers LAA to run multiple courses simultaneously, significantly boosting its training capacity.

“Over the past seven years, we’ve trained more than 2,000 individuals,” Bernard remarked.

“In our old location, we had four classrooms, but here, we have eight, and each one is larger. This translates to a multiplier effect. We can now train the same number of students we’ve trained in the past seven years within just two years because we can conduct courses concurrently without any hurdles. The new facility provides us with a much larger space to operate.”

Each of the new classrooms has capacity of 40 to 50 students each, a significant improvement compared to the thirty-student limit at the previous location on Toyin Street, Ikeja.

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Furthermore, recognising the needs of students from outside Lagos, LAA offers on-site accommodations that can take up to 30 students at a time.

“Even for students residing in Lagos; when they factor in transportation costs, they often find it more economical to stay on campus. The accommodations provide 24/7 electricity and full internet access, creating an optimal environment for focused study.”

Bukola Teriba, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) regional manager, representing Chris Najomo, acting director general extended her congratulations to Finchglow Holdings.

She acknowledged LAA’s potential to significantly contribute to capacity building within the aviation industry and encouraged further expansion beyond Nigeria’s borders.