How HR professionals can tackle workplace trends in 2023

Upcoming professionals in the Human Resource (HR) industry have been encouraged to equip themselves with sufficient data expertise and technology to address HR trends in 2023.

Speaking at a recent HR mentees network event titled ‘Gaining The Edge’,” Kemi Onadiran, founder of Careers with Kemi advised employers to prioritise employee experience and engagement in 2022.

“Technology is a leveller, a lot of companies have adopted technology, more remote work, more hybrid work, talent migration is also expected because a lot of talent will be resuming schools abroad in January,” she said.

On further trends to expect next year, Yemi Faseun, chief talent officer at YF Talent Partners added that a lot will be demanded from the industry due to the human talents leaving the country.

“Leaders will be counting on them as they make vital decisions at the workplace. Also, emotional decision-making needs to be reduced as they make use of data to back their arguments,” he said.

Faseun advised to understand and balance the fundamentals which are administrative expertise, culture champion, strategic partner to the business and change agents.

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“A lot of things will happen next year because of the elections. This will make HR to be at its busiest managing different dimensions as the socio-political economic space will affect the workspaces,” he said.

Faseun said that 2022 has not been a great year for the workplace as HR is suffering in a leadership and culture perspective. “I speak with a lot of young people and we need to do a lot more on leadership in Nigeria.”

Faseun said stemming the number of young professionals leaving the country will be long-term as there will be need for backward integration and improvement in the leadership and culture practices at the workplace.

“The more we change the cultural narrative, and the leadership conversations toward giving good experiences to our employees, we’ll have fewer people leave our shores.”

Onadiran who has been passionate about HR told BusinessDay that feedback from the poor performances of HR professionals in previous years drove her to start a mentorship program for young professionals in the field.

“I started my mentorship program in January 2022 with 50 mentees and I have run three cohorts in the space of 11 months with a total of 104 mentees.

“Out of the 104, 38 of them got jobs, some were able to switch careers from customer service to HR, while 2 got promotions after the program,” she said.

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