• Friday, February 23, 2024
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HR professionals outline ways personal branding can tackle unemployment

Consumer brands, corporate brands and employer brands – what is the difference?

Human Resource (HR) professionals have outlined important ways people, especially the younger ones, can build and position their personal brand to tap opportunities in Nigeria’s labour market.

Speaking at the Iconic Brand Awards Conference held on Saturday in Lagos, Omobabinrin Osideko, convenor of the event, said personal branding has become a vital asset for entrepreneurs, executives, influencers, and aspiring professionals in today’s fiercely competitive economy.

“Personal branding is about knowing yourself, potentials, strengths, weaknesses and also promoting them. Even if you have any strength and you don’t promote, employers will not know about it except you talk and display them,” Osideko said.

She said a lot of talents have what it takes to get jobs but that the inability to promote themselves as they should makes employers feel that they are not capable.

“So, when we know how to position ourselves as individuals, we will have the chance to tap into resources and the opportunities in the labour market which ultimately solves the unemployment issues in the country,” she said.

According to Bayo Adeyinka, executive technical assistant to the MD of Fidelity Bank, personal branding is very important especially in a very tough and saturated market like Nigeria.

“You have about five million people joining the labour market every year. This brings the reason why you need to focus on you as a person that is your personal brand so that you can stand out in the country,” he said.

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He added that peoples’ online and offline presence matters and thatnetworking and referrals helps people to get job opportunities.

Oluwakemi Shonubi, an HR executive and consultant noted that capacity building, learning, research and reading helps to build ones’ brand.

“You cannot build yourself if the knowledge you had yesterday is what you are playing from. What sets you apart from the rest is that extra. Be a person of value and tell yourself that there is nothing I cannot do.

“Be deliberate in being a person of value. Build your niche so that you will be known for something. It is also important to know how to communicate your brand to people,” she added.

On the tips to ace interviews, Taiwo Dayo-Abatan, regional head of HR Sub Saharan Africa at VFS Global, advised job seekers to use the act of storytelling by showcasing their skills and the things they have done in the past.

“Deploying the act of storytelling will stand you out. So, beyond just presenting your CV, try and tell a story about your success, where have you worked, what have you done and the skills you have,” she said.

She added that researching about the organisation to know the owners, nature and footprints of the business, stakeholders, the products, its consumers as well as the impact on the society, boosts candidates’ chances in getting jobs.