Himel earns global recognition

Himel, a market player in value-engineered electrical products, has bagged the prestigious Global Brand Awards, at the 10th edition of the Global Brands Magazine (GBM) Awards.

GBM is an international publication with headquarters in the United Kingdom.

Himel won the award for the ‘Most Reliable Value-Engineered Electrical Products Brand, MENA’.

Findings showed the annual award aims to recognise global brands achieving excellence in performance across a broad range of sectors while simultaneously keeping their readers updated on key trends from the branding arena.

The award organisers say Himel was evaluated based on its global footprint, value engineering, and reliability, all critical metrics in the world of electrical products.

“We are honoured to be recognised and awarded across two key strategic regions. Our commitment to value engineering and contextual understanding of emerging economies has been central to driving regional success,” Shrinivas Chebbi, the Global Head of Himel said.

He added, “we have established our competitive advantage in premium projects as well. Value engineering in design, procurement, production and implementation – the benefits are multifaceted. It is not about minimising cost, it is about maximising benefits. Any scale of the project can benefit from this.”

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Chebbi noted that the awards echo the firm’s vision and efforts to facilitate access to high-quality electrical products and support accelerated development of safer homes, commercial spaces, and industrial facilities.

“At Himel, our marketing strategies, underpinned at all times by the vision of reliability and affordability, aim to push the perceived limitations of cost-efficient electrical products,” Vibha Thusu, Global Head of Marketing and Communication, Himel said.

She added, “Through extensive on-ground and online marketing initiatives, involving multichannel customer engagement, and nudging conversations around the need of safer electrical products, we have been able to establish our brand as a thought leader in the value engineering space.”

With a footprint in 50+ countries, Vibha noted that Himel values opportunities for all and provides the best combination of affordable and reliable products to meet the demand for access to safe electricity.

“Himel also adapts a ‘top-down’ approach towards nurturing employee experience, firmly believing that putting its employees first is imperative to Himel’s success,” Vibha explained.

According to Vibha, Himel leads with a purpose-driven marketing strategy to maintain an authentic relationship with its customers and establish loyalty within their community.

Adding to this, active participation from Himel’s leadership across its community interactions helps the brand to identify the pulse of the business and replicate the success year after year.