• Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Forvis Mazars expands global reach with new network

Forvis Mazars expands global reach with new network

Forvis Mazars, an international integrated partnership, has launched its new global network, Forvis Mazars, reaffirming its commitment to global economic expansion.

The network which comprises Forvis Mazars LLP in the United States and Forvis Mazars Group SC in Paris, France, aims to enhance the brand’s agility and responsiveness to client needs.

During a panel session, Uhabia Ojike, managing partner at Forvis Mazars in Nigeria, explained the benefits of the new structure.

“Mazars and FORVIS have worked together for over 20 years and share a commitment to delivering unmatched client experience. By creating the Forvis Mazars network, we are poised to provide consistent, high-quality services worldwide while remaining agile and flexible,” he said.

Highlighting the network’s expanded capacity in the US, Ojike said Forvis Marzars now offer coast-to-coast services with a combined team of 7,000 professionals and 600+ partners, significantly advancing our growth strategy and underscoring our commitment to our clients’ needs in the US.

“Achieving a top-10 global brand position not only provides marketplace prestige but also helps attract top talent,” he emphasised.

Speaking about the industry impact of their new network, Osamudiame Adams, an audit partner at Forvis Mazars in Nigeria, said the brand had a shared vision to develop something that would challenge the status quo.

“By forming a unique two-firm network, Forvis Mazars is providing a modern, agile, and client-centric alternative to traditional networks, setting a new benchmark for industry collaboration and service excellence, encouraging others to innovate as they form a unique two-firm network,” he added.

Elizabeth Orluike, another audit partner at Forvis Mazars in Nigeria, underscored the brand’s commitment to delivering a unique client experience and fostering talent development.

She outlined the network’s primary goals: expanding market share, driving continuous innovation, achieving sustainable growth, and ensuring client and employee satisfaction.

Elizabeth also stressed the importance of business sustainability through the firm’s Client Listening Program, which gathers regular feedback to adapt services and integrate responsible business practices.

Rabiu Olowo, executive secretary/CEO of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC), who was a guest at the event and shared his regulatory perspective.

He emphasised the need for scale, ability, and expertise to ensure that financial reporting in Nigeria meets global standards.

“The Forvis Mazars network will help the FRC achieve its goal of creating a stronger audit and accounting profession, enhancing accountability, and aligning with national interests to strengthen audit practices and corporate governance, ultimately benefiting clients and the public interest,” he said.