• Tuesday, July 16, 2024
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Firm unveils financial solutions for rural communities

What does it mean to fortify our communities with the truth?

Sheds Financials Limited, an indigenous financial service has offered a range of financial solutions specifically tailored to meet the needs of rural communities and students aspiring to study overseas.

In a statement made available to Businessday, Israel Atoe, the managing director of Sheds Financials Limited, explained that understanding the financial strain that studying abroad can impose, the firm hopes to provide flexible loan options with competitive interest rates, helping students secure the necessary funds to cover their educational expenses.

For him, “the company goes beyond just providing loans. We offer personalized financial advice and guidance to students, ensuring they make informed decisions regarding their finances.

“The firm’s experienced professionals understand the nuances of studying overseas and are well-equipped to offer tailored advice on managing expenses, budgeting, and building a strong financial foundation while abroad,” he said.

He noted that in addition to student loans and financial guidance, the company also assists students in managing their foreign currency transactions.

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According to him, with their foreign exchange services, students can efficiently and securely convert their Nigerian currency into the currency of their destination country, minimizing the risk of fluctuating exchange rates and maximizing the value of their funds.

“Sheds Financials Limited understands the unique challenges that Nigerian students face in their pursuit of international education.

“The impact of Sheds Financials’ initiatives extends far beyond individual students. As more Nigerian students receive financial support for studying abroad, the country benefits from their enhanced skills, knowledge, and global perspectives upon their return. This ultimately contributes to Nigeria’s development, fostering a generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers,” Atoe said.

According to the Group Chairman of the company, Simon Adozi, Shed Financials aims to bridge the gap for Nigeria’s unbanked population and provide protective financial services.

He explained that with a dedicated focus on the rural communities that are often overlooked, the company aims to empower individuals and small businesses with access to essential financial tools.