• Tuesday, December 05, 2023
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Firm sees ‘Japa’ benefiting Nigeria’s economy, aids migration to Canada

As Nigerians, especially the youth crave to migrate overseas for various reasons; a travel expert says ‘Japa’ syndrome will in the long run benefit Nigeria’s economy if handled well.

In the recent time, analysts who joined the conversation on Japa have seen it from different perspectives, but speaking to BusinessDay recently, Ambassador Moses Adebisi, Co-Founder of Thrillers Travels, said Nigeria needs the skills of quality migrants who have been exposed.

According to him, “Only developed people can develop an environment. Nigerians that need to do exploit locally also need international exposure and also need to rise above mediocrity”
Much travelled Adebisi who sees development abroad and wants such replicated in Nigeria through adoption said

“We believe that exposure plays a critical factor in national development, we believe that when Nigerians travel to other parts of the world they should be able to return and build the country based on what they have learned in other environments,” Adebisi stressed.

The company is therefore launching a scheme to assist 1,000 beneficiaries to migrate to Canada. He said the company is launching Thrillers Travels and the objective is that “we want to empower 1000 people with Visa. These are not visiting and tourist Visas but working Visas for those who want to settle in Canada.”

He said the company is concentrating on Canada because of the update Canada is giving about its labour market.

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“We don’t do visa from Nigeria but our partners will submit the applicants’ documents in Canada to attorney of immigration for approval. What we do here is to collate the documents, verify and submit to them”.

He said the objective of the objective is a ripple effect on Nigeria. “We are an empowerment platform and the plan is national development” .

On how those migrants will contribute to national development, Adebisi said there is a guide given to every migrant. “You are going abroad not to become one of the lost generations but there is a system in place to help you return to your fatherland and assist in developing it with the skills acquired”, he said.

Speaking on why Nigerians should trust Thrillers Travels, he said that the company has got a capable workforce full of tenacity and energy that match the yearning of Nigerians who seek migration to Canada and other parts of the world.

According to him, “Testimonials of people who have benefited from Thrillers Travels’ services on its platform show that we are honest and trustworthy in handling migration issues for our clients. Credibility is a key ingredient in our operations because we have partners in Canada, the UK, the US and other parts of the world that would not condone shortcuts,” he added.

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The entry is open to those with valid international passports and interested participants are advised to visit Thrillers Travels website to submit their entries on or before 2 September 20223 and/or attend the unveiling event at Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos on September 2, 2023.

The Co-founder of Thrillers Travels revealed that the company is aiming to have migrated over 6.3 million Nigerians in 4 years to be able to marginally empower those who would build the country as a result of their international exposure.

“In 4 years, we would have put in place 6.3 million people that will be empowered with all they would ever need to take over the affairs of this country and take it to the desired destination,” he added.