• Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Crunchies plus berths in Asaba, three other cities


Crunchies Fried Chicken Limited, a leading fast food chain in the South-East/South-South regions of the country, has opened four new outlets in the areas, aimed at bringing its services closer to its patrons.

The new outlets to be known as “Crunchies Plus”, because of the introduction of Chinese cuisine in its menu are in Asaba, Delta State, Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom State, Calabar in Cross Rivers State and Onitsha, the commercial hub of Anambra State.

Consequently, Crunchies now has 14 outlets in the regions, with Asaba, Calabar and Uyo topping with two outlets each.

According to Jude Nwosu, managing director, Crunchies Fried Chicken Limited, Crunchies decided to do something different, to expand our scope in different States, as it is usual with us.

“It is to show our confidence in the economy of those cities and also to show how grateful we are to our customers, who in the past years have supported our businesses in those areas, to say thank you and thereby bring our outlets closer to their doorsteps, to provide better service and quality products to our numerous customers.

The intent of our expansion programme is to show our confidence in the economies of these areas, to remove from unemployment line, the young ones, who have just graduated from college and while we are doing that, also we mentor other businesses that they can invest in these areas.

“We had options of importing from China, but we refused to do so, but to venture in this area to add value to the area we currently operate.

As a fast food chain of great repute, Jude explained that Crunchies will continue to provide excellent service and better quality products and wider range of products to their numerous customers.

In his words, “If you look at our slogan, it says “Taste the Difference” and with the introduction of “Crunchies Plus”, we have created a new slogan that says “Step it up.”

“What we have done is to provide excellent service and better quality products and wider range of products to our numerous customers. Before now, we were doing the normal fast food business of rice and chicken and all that, but right now we have added the Chinese variation, because we have found out that in most areas where we play that customers will always ask for simple things as “Spring Role”, Chinese Rice and so on.

So, we decided to bring it under one umbrella and make sure that our customers get this service under five minutes. Before now, you go to a Chinese restaurant inform of “A la carte”, you stay for more than one hour before you get your service, but right now, we can compress that into a fast food environment, where you come and within a couple of minutes, you are served, but remember with the best quality of products.

Crunchies was established in 2002 in Aba, the commercial hub of Abia State, but opened its doors to customers in September 2003. The firm marked its ten years anniversary last year (2013).

According to Nwosu, “I can say thus far that we have been able to establish our brand, establish ourselves and I believe that the customers in all these areas have come to terms by accepting our services, by accepting what we do and without them, there is no way we could have expanded even from Aba, but the confidence that they have built around us is the reason why we have been able to expand in such a fast manner.”