• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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CoreMobile out with new loan facility for airtime vendors


Coremobile Group, operators of Quickairtime.com, an online airtime recharge platform, is offering an innovative loan facility to airtime vendors. This service makes it possible for airtime merchants to loan money, do sales and refund at the end of the sales with no risk to the loaning bank as all payments are handled by Quick Airtime. While explaining how the new loan facility works, Elvis Inwang, general manager B2B, Coremobile Projects, said, “To be part of this, the vendor needs to first of all register as a merchant on www.quickairtime.com/merchants . Then he gives out his registered email address to his customers which they will use as discount code while installing the app on their smartphones.

Any time they want to top up their phones and there is no money in the Merchant’s Wallet, they can pay with their ATM Card and the airtime is sold from the loan facility while the merchant’s commission will be deposited in his account.”  He noted that the introduction of Quick Airtime by Coremobile last year has helped recharge card and VTU (Virtual Top Up) vendors to remain in their business that is threatened by the recent venture of Nigerian banks into airtime top up. The software application which is available atwww.quickairtime.com/ downloads allows them sell remotely, and remain competitive.

“Quick Airtime is simple. I can use it to buy airtime recharge from a merchant by entering the merchant email in the app. So instead of calling the merchant to load my phone, I can do it on my own and pay the merchant later. Recharge card vendors don’t need to run on the streets. They can now sit at home and manage everything,” added John Nwagbo, Coremobile Group chief financial officer. In order to make it easy for interested vendors to use the facility, Quick Airtime has published a video tutorial and guide for merchants at www.quickairtime.com/ merchantvideo and www.quickairtime.com/ merchantguide.

Speaking on the benefits of the facility particularly, to merchants and consumers of airtime, Uduak Asuquo, head of research, Coremobile Projects, said, “We are committed to providing the best experience in the world. Consumers buy faster and the merchants can sell faster, easier and without financial limits. With the loan facility, you do not need money to start the business anymore. Building this cohesion between the loans provider, the merchant and the buyer highlights our vision.”

According to Asuquo, Quick Airtime is available in 120 Countries including Nigeria, United States, China and India. The App is published in thirty-one (31) languages including Hausa, Yoruba and Ibo. The app is available for android, BlackBerry, iOS and windows mobile devices.


Ben Uzor