Alerzo offers 20% discount on all Black Friday orders promo

Alerzo Limited, a business-to-business e-commerce platform in Nigeria, is offering a 20 percent discount to all its customers in this year’s Black Friday sales, which started over the weekend on 26 November till December, 2021.

“Our Black Friday offering, which gives our esteemed customers a 20 percent discount on all their purchases from our platform throughout the duration of this promotional period, is an added incentive that will see to the growth and profitability of our customers’ businesses,” said Adewale Opaleye, the chief executive officer, Alerzo Limited.

According to Opaleye, the offer is intended to promote the company’s customers successes as they resell to their own various customers. Hence, he called on the company’s current and prospective customers to avail themselves of the opportunities offered by the Black Friday sales, which he informed, are in line with the corporate mission of the company.

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Speaking further on the offer, Opaleye said the offer is in tandem with its goal to empower customers, who are retailers in the informal sector, so they are equipped to run profitable and sustainable businesses.

“Our Black Friday sales offer exciting returns to all our customers who order for their goods from our platform this season as they stand to gain an additional 20 percent to the profit they have been making in their businesses. This, we have been doing by offering them free delivery of ordered goods to their various destinations as well as other market logistics,” Opaleye stated.

He said that the company believes that technology has the potential to transform the way informal retailers conduct their businesses, by using it to facilitate – with just a click of a button – fast and easy access to a wide assortment of consumer products at zero delivery cost to the retailers.

Alerzo Limited was founded in 2019, with a mission to empower retailers in the informal sector through its ecosystem of digital products which consist of the Alerzoshop, a mobile App and website that allows retailers to order goods; AlerzoPay, a digital payment and fintech platform for first and third-party transactions.

Alerzo Logistics, an end-to-end logistics service from first mile to last mile (delivery to retailers); and Veedez, a marketplace for retailers to reach more end users directly, in addition to their offline stores.

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