Airtel signs partnership agreement with Konga to boost e-commerce

Airtel Nigeria has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Konga to boost Nigeria’s e-commerce and reward its loyal customers.

According to Godfrey Efeurhobo, chief commercial officer, Airtel Nigeria, during a press conference held on Thursday, the MoU signing between Airtel and Konga is an outcome of the drive to redefine the e-commerce landscape.

“This event is significant,” Godfrey added, “because it reinforces our commitment to making life better, more pleasurable, and more entertaining for our over 50 million consumers by connecting them to places, platforms, people, services, offerings, and possibilities that may improve their lives,” Efeurhobo said.

Speaking also during the signing ceremony, Surendran Chemmenkotil, Airtel Nigeria’s managing director and chief executive officer, said, “Our job is to connect customers, provide the best mobile network, and ensure a great customer experience, but everything else that the customer needs around this is what we look at for alliances and partnerships.”

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“I believe this will be a huge win-win alliance and the start of a fantastic relationship between the two sides,” Surendran added.

Nick Imudia, CEO of Konga, said the partnership will expose all of the solutions, goods and services to the consumers. “We are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to exhibit what we have to offer our consumers.”

According to him, Airtel and Konga customers would benefit from the e-commerce platform’s millions of products and services, including Konga pay, Konga health, Konga food delivery (which will be available shortly), Konga logistics, offline and retail stores, and many others.

Speaking on the terms of the agreement, Imudia said, “Unfortunately, we cannot divulge what we’re working on at this time, but if these things come out, it will be quite evident why we are cooperating with Airtel.”

“Airtel, we feel, has the users, brand, name, and platform to help both firms get to where they want to go.”