• Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Access Bank makes N103bn provision for Ghana bonds

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Access Holding Plc said it has set aside N103.1bn as impairment loss resulting from the economic impact of Ghana’s sovereign debt crisis.

Access Bank also said the West African country’s debts in its books have been valued at N348.1bn as of December 2022.

In its 2022 financial statement, the Group said it “took an impairment of N103.10bn in recognition of the economic loss impact of Ghana sovereign debt crisis (Domestic debt and Eurobonds).

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“Whilst the economic loss on Ghana’s Domestic debt has been determined via a Domestic Debt Exchange Programme (DDE) with
definite terms, unlike the DDE, the Ghanaian government has not yet presented restructuring terms for the Eurobonds.

“Though restructuring parameters are subject to a lot of uncertainty, the possibility of further material impairment charge for this event is considered remote. The fair value for Ghana sovereign debts in the books of the Group amounts to N348.15bn.”