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Oiza and Meyi: First official single and a mother’s prayer

Oiza and Meyi: First official single and a mother’s prayer

My eldest daughter Sophia Abu today works in the Financial Inclusion industry. But she sings like a nightingale. Occasionally, I sing in the bathroom, then in church but that’s about it. My spouse sings but now only from time to time. Then about two to three years ago our twin daughters – Oiza and Meyi began to sing in our bathroom. While doing that the duo also placed this on Instagram and suddenly they were all over the place.

In papers, on international channels and on radio. Suddenly, Oiza and Meyi, my identical twin girls, were the young girls to beat, described by CNN as Nigeria’s upcoming young artistes. I knew they were talented when Meyi was already designing clothes at 14 and Oiza was giving performance skits at 13 years entertaining family gatherings.

Played in our living room to aahs and oohs by us all. This is the pride of a family. These twosome have put us on the map and our heart is filled with pride

Then as they grew older, Oiza became her school drummer in secondary school and was social prefect while Meyi became the prefect to beat. Both of them soared academically, Oiza graduating in Theatre and Performing Arts while Meyi graduated in Industrial Design specialising in Textiles.

Then Meyi went big on playing the guitar. Self-taught, she began to support their gigs instead of hiring a guitarist. Soon enough they also got a personal guitarist, Rica; who then supported Meyi, while Oiza became logistics officer and initial co-manager with her sister Meyi. They flowered. Songwriters, performers and show stoppers. It was beautiful to see them create song after song, write in the music, make the arrangements and even begin to produce. They began to open shows in Abuja for Wizkid, Waje, Asa, and other artistes.

And so it was that they jammed with Asa, I could not hold my breath in her house, and Meyi got gifted a guitar by Asa. One that she had used in her meteoric career. Producers have been courting them and they have a manager. Barrister Ajibola whom they fondly call Jibs.

Did I mention that the Cavemen have been playing and inviting them to join. Today they have produced one of their songs and have producers like David Elumelu and Jared Ebuka, among other brilliant music producers. Their performances are now mostly sold out and their gigs are from Lagos to Abuja. I love them. I see some and they are so social media aware…God bless them…Amen

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Yesterday, the 18th of August, the girls I love as I love my other children have made me proud as they dropped their first official single…a mid tempo Aftrocentric danceable tune in English and Hausa written by Oiza and Meyi. …the phenomenal, truly exciting song…Santi.

Name of a real person in Zaria, and with a meaning for an interesting take on long throat or sweetness of food in Hausa. I love it like I love every song they have written. Played in our living room to aahs and oohs by us all. This is the pride of a family. These twosome have put us on the map and our hearts are filled with pride. You all please go and stream Santi… and give me feedback.

As a mother my prayer is for only good eyes to see them, for their career to blossom, for God’s blessings and for them to be a blessing to their nation and the world…Amen. I pray only goodness into your lives Oiza and Meyi, and may Santi do well. Amen.

May this be the beginning of greater things in your lives…musically and otherwise….Amen. I wish you well as your first official single drops….I pray you into the world covered with goodness and love and all things wonderful…Amen. Just the prayer of a proud mother. You girls go with your family’s special prayers over you…Amen. All of us are rooting for you. Your sisters and brother. Your father and I.

I walk into the bathroom humming Santi. It sounds familiar. I catch myself thinking I know the singers and by Jove I suddenly remember. My children wrote that song, created it…and now have delivered it to the world. Just like birthing a child. Well done Oiza and Meyi…you have given us something to hum along, sing along and dance too. We believe.…

For all those who support you… May your lives be good…Amen. Happy official single dropping…Oiza and Meyi…May Santi be good to you and all your songs after that…Amen. With much love from a very proud mum.…