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Body parts, Tiwa Savage and the modern-day wasp

Fans anticipate Tiwa Savage’s debut film on Prime Video

So, when she came out with Kele Kele, Nigerians queued up behind Tiwa Savage. She got amazing attention and before we opened and closed our eyes, she had become a superstar. Tiwa was beautiful, sultry with a beautiful body and a voice to die for. We danced, we cooed, we followed, we bought, we recommended.

It was difficult to know which songs were the best. Hit after hit, the first lady of Mavin Records became a front-line face in the Nigerian High Level social architecture. She became easily recognisable and became the face of many brands. Even her son, Jamal, just out of his diapers, became a brand model for a baby product.

Tiwa appeared confident in the clip urging us all to buy that baby product for our children. If I still had children of that age, I might have considered it. There were deals, shows and more endorsements. Other musicians including Wizz Kid were joining her for massive collaborations.

It must work for them maybe…but me I honestly don’t want to look like an insect or someone seen as a person with multiple problems. But then what do I know… I am a small time rural girl who became a broadcaster

Tiwa was on top of her game and the money was rolling in. Enter celebrity lifestyle; bodyguards, more followers online, fast cars, nightclubs and the luxury lifestyle. Tiwa Savage seemed unstoppable and the Tiwa fever seemed untouchable. Until… bam… the meltdown began about six years ago.

Tiwa began to unravel citing her then husband, Teebillz and manager as her problem. There were drug stories, cocaine to be precise, and alleged physical and emotional abuse. She seemed suicidal and her fans rallied to her side.

Before long her husband, Teebillz, giving his own side of the story, accused her of infidelity, not caring about family and domestic issues, caring only about the next hit. Other celebrities were mentioned in the messy story which became the leading entertainment content at the time.

All was quiet afterwards, she got a divorce, went on to make more hits then bam… a sex tape. That tape released to the public became one of the most viewed videos on many platforms for the time. Endorsements were withdrawn, Tiwa explained but it stayed in our consciousness forever.

Kim Kardashian knows what a sex tape can do as did Tiwa Savage. Seeking more followers, hoping to become more famous. Then Tiwa gave us the bizarre explanation that it was accidentally released by the person she was with at the time. Arrant nonsense!

People dragged her on social media but Tiwa’s body parts in a private activity was already in the public domain. Her itsy bitsies are well recognised now. Her grunts meant to be at a private inner caucus activity with whoever one is in love with is now in the possession of thugs, druggies, random fellows, mechanics, chefs, academics and politicians.

If the truth be told, we can write a PhD thesis on Tiwa’s body parts and also research her behaviour and mannerisms at intimate moments. This should interest academics, celebrity managers and Entertainment journalists. While not comparing, as Tiwa is a Lilliputian where Fela is, the Fela phenomenon has received massive attention in academia and several universities across the world.

So, Tiwa can be studied for reasons other than her craft. More interestingly, we now know that since she has already shown us her itsy bitsies in bed, she might as well expose it on the streets. What’s new? We have already seen it although the sizes of things may have varied… but still Tiwa is Tiwa. So now her bum is a poster for online and regular newspapers having arrived recently at a nightclub with her naked behind for us all to see as a play thing.

But why I even love her communication skills is that she is an absolute study in verbiage. She is her own advocate and media strategist. Her explanation? Her designer told her to wear nothing. He had taken care of coverage of body parts and she would be all right.

Tiwa an adult? Did she wear it in the dark? Anyways, I have seen the clip and while providing more material for researchers, I personally found it offensive and disgusting. As an elderly lady, I flew with a quip when she saw a young girl walking up and down on board with her entire midriff open and a chain on her navel.

“Does this girl think the rest of us have no navels?” the woman obviously distressed had asked me. So yeah… does Tiwa think she is the only one with a bum and we should all be impressed?

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Then of course before then she had strolled casually into a function braless and looking unsure pulling her jacket together while covering her body parts with her palms. More material for researchers. An online comment was that she should have just left the jacket off and turned up bare breasted.

My late Parish Priest Fr Ojukwu would say we all know that God created women with breasts. You do not need to remind us. There you have it. But I guess the Tiwa of Kele Kele and today’s Tiwa are not the same. In these days of more body parts, less interest in properness…prepare for more of Ms Savage…a strip tease…peek a boo…anything goes, all the while with her son Jamal watching.

Nothing is off limits. You have seen the breast before… you have seen the bum before…in bed… so why are you upset…calm down….when we discuss her in 10 years it might not be about her songs or craft…maybe the size of her bum?

Be that as it may, I am fascinated by butterflies and wasps. The butterflies for its amazing colours, its transformation from an ugly caterpillar to elegance in flight. But the wasp for its strange shape. Tight at the waist and disproportionate other sizes top and bottom.

I have paid more attention however to butterflies over the years and less to the wasp. But I have had to look again. This is because across the board, especially among celebrities, breasts and bums are the trending body parts. So, someone you knew before on a movie set or you knew personally suddenly transforms to a wasp.

When you saw them last their natural butt was at a normal angle, now its like they stuffed their backside with rags or are carrying some unwanted weights, hardly able to walk. It’s insane.

Then the waist is cinched like that of a wasp. In addition their breasts are pumped up like extra balloons and they walk around flaunting these things that make them look like terrestrial beings, unsightly and unnatural. No human being is built like a wasp but our ladies are set and ready.

Everywhere you turn. People are serial sleeping and doing other ungainly things to make the money for a wasp look. It must work for them maybe…but me I honestly don’t want to look like an insect or someone seen as a person with multiple problems. But then what do I know… I am a small-time rural girl who became a broadcaster. Overall, I cannot afford it…Hello Tiwa and hello her modern day wasp friends. I hail oh!