• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Here is what Nigerian ministers, senators others get as estacode per night for foreign trips


Nigeria’s political, public and judicial office holders get a combined sum of $24,385 as estacode for every night they spend when travelling, data from the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) has shown.

The chief justice of Nigeria gets the highest pay with $2,000 per night, followed by the Justice of the Supreme Court, Appeal Court president and Senate President having $1,300 each, the data revealed.

RMAFC had said public office holders often abused the remuneration package, leading to the commission being criticised for fixing high amounts for allowances.

“Perhaps, the most challenging issue the Commission faces is the abuse by stakeholders at both the National, States and Local Government levels in the implementation of the approved remuneration package for Political, Public and Judicial Office Holders,” the commission said.

“This has left the general public with the impression that the Commission fixed jumbo pay for Political, Public and Judicial Office Holders in spite of several clarifications by the Commission in the media on the matter,” it added.

Estacode is a term used in government, especially in the context of international travel allowances. It refers to the daily allowance or stipend provided to public officials who are travelling outside their usual work location, typically to another city or country.


1 Minister: $900
2 Minister of State: $900
3 Special Adviser: $800
4 Director General of MDA: $900
5 Chief Justice of Nigeria: $2,000
6 Justice of Supreme Court: $1,300
7 Appeal Court President: $1,300
8 Judges of Courts: $1,100 / $600
9 Senate President: $1,300
10 Dep Senate President: $1,100
11 Senator: $950
12 House of Rep Speaker: $1,200
13 Deputy Speaker: $1,000
14 House Member: $900
15 Commissioners: $600
16 Special Adviser (State): $500
17 DG/Perm Sec (State): $500
18 House Assembly Speaker: $700
19 Dep House Speaker: $650
20 House Member (State): $600
21 LGA Chairman/Vice: $450
22 Supervisory Councillor: $400
23 LGA Special Adviser: $400
24 LGA Legislative leader: $225
25 Dep LGA Leg. Leader: $220
26 Councilor of LGA: $210

With the temporary ban on government sponsoring official travels, the Federal Government has shown its resolve to not only embark on monetary tightening but also fiscal management.