ABC live: Jobberman partners Mastercard to create 5 million jobs for Nigerians by 2025

Jobberman, a Nigerian-based job portal and career platform is partnering with the Mastercard foundation to get 5 million Nigerians employed by 2025.

“This is a huge feat, the focus of this partnership is across the agriculture, digital and creative sectors but one-third of what we are targeting is digital, hence the partnership with Mastercard,” Rolake Rosiji, the new CEO of Jobberman said at the BusinessDay African business convention, held virtually on Tuesday.

According to Rosiji, the partnership kicked off last year and has already successfully placed 52,000 Nigerians in jobs across these three sectors.

The goal of this partnership is also to bridge the gap between employers and job seekers.

“Most employers have expressed concerns regarding applicants not having the required skills, and job seekers also complain that despite their training and certificates, they cannot seem to find jobs.

We have discovered that although the talents are out there, most candidates do not have interpersonal skills or technical skills the employer is looking for,” she said.

Rosiji explained that Jobberman had more listings than they could place with candidates in 2020.

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This implies that there were employers looking for qualified job seekers but the available candidates did not match the skills they needed

“We have made our job listing free since last year because of Covid, this means that any employers can place a job listing for free on jobberman.

What our platform does is that it filters through the over 2 million candidates we have on the database using very smart algorithms which scans through the CVs and picks the candidates most suitable for the job,” Rosoji explained.

Jobberman plans to solve this problem by training 3 million Nigerians by 2025

She explained that the Mastercard foundation has two goals, first to place candidates into jobs and secondly, to train up candidates.

“We are doing a lot of work in training candidates in competence-based skills that are specific to their employers needs so that their employers can tell exactly the skill set they require and we train candidates to meet those requirements.

“We are also training them in soft skills, which includes how to build relationship, how to talk to customers because most of these skills were not taught in schools.

“We also provide some free courses on Coursera that job seekers can take,” Rosiji explained.

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