• Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Nissan shows motorsports heritage in Gran Turismo movie

Nissan shows motorsports heritage in Gran Turismo movie

Nissan Motor has showcased the rich racing heritage of its motorsports in the heart-pounding cinematic display of the Gran Turismo (GT) Academy, one of the trailblazing successes of the Japanese automaker.

The highly anticipated Gran Turismo movie by SONY was screened in Lagos at the weekend in an event hosted by Stallion NMN, the official representative of the Nissan brand in Nigeria.

In 2008, Nissan introduced the radical gamer-to-racer competition, a bold move that transformed the best of Gran Turismo gamers into professional motorsports race drivers.

This visionary partnership with Gran Turismo challenged the notion of what it took to be a driver, opening doors for aspiring talents worldwide.

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Today, Nissan continues to redefine the world of motorsports and empower the next generation, challenging itself with a new focus on electrification in Formula E – the 100 percent electric motorsport and its extensive electrified lineup.

According to the storyline, Nissan has 87 years of racing heritage, which started in 1936, and the ‘Gran Turismo: From Gamer to Racer’ movie is based on the true story of how Nissan created the GT Academy to turn gamers into racers.

For Nissan, Gran Turismo has played a huge role in cultivating a deep-rooted relationship between the brand, and racing enthusiasts worldwide.

Nissan’s GT Academy programme has been immortalised in the Gran Turismo movie by Sony while it was active, Nissan broke barriers to transform gamers into professional race drivers with GT Academy