• Thursday, June 20, 2024
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How TransAlliance leverages team building local business to grow global brand

Trans Debola

TransAlliance, a financial consulting firm has shown how building a strong team of talents can help entrepreneur grow to become a global brand, and drive expansion as a strategic move business owners must make to scale.

Beyond local expansion, the pandemic revealed the possibility of building a global business across borders. Hence, the group harnesses various business sectors through problem-solving techniques, synergy and a clear-cut strategy.

Debola Ajayi, the deputy group managing director, TransAlliance Group, said building a successful global business requires a strong team.

According to him, a strong and productive team is built by employing the right people who understand the significance of working towards a common goal with commitment to unequalled service quality.

Ajayi, in an address titled ‘Building a Global Business with a Strong Team’ opined that, “No entrepreneur can scale from an idea to actualized success without the help of a strong team”.

Furthermore, he states that successful business expansion cannot be done without a dynamic team working cohesively to execute a shared business goal.

“The exponential growth of TransAlliance Group and the success achieved in building a thriving group of companies, with clients across the globe has been largely due to its commitment to consistently deliver superior value,” said Ajayi.

Speaking further on business growth trajectory, he said that a recent study showed a high percentage of businesses experienced long-term growth and success when they move to a larger market beyond their local area or home country.

However, expanding a business to a global marketplace requires carefully planned processes, international-standard practices and a competitive spirit.

“TransAlliance has built its reputation by tailoring its messages to suit a global audience. We are also very passionate about investing in economies of underdeveloped countries through our businesses and our investments which has resulted in accelerated growth,” Ajayi stated.

TransAlliance Group was founded in 2020 and has 5,000+ Clients with four investments made to date. The Group has a wide network and has consummated transactions on a global scale across various industries.

Its portfolio includes TransAlliance Capital, where specialized support in the Foreign Exchange (FX) and Investment Banking Sector is offered, and FAZO Travel and Hospitality Services Limited, whose primary focus is delivering in-depth and first-in-class tourism and hospitality service in Nigeria and across the globe.