Hartleys to incorporate loyalty system, delivery service in operation

Hartleys Supermarket and Stores Limited, a supermarket chain, has stated plans to incorporate a loyalty system and items delivery service into its mode of operation.

Speaking at the unveil of its outlet on Victoria Island, Lagos, Yewande Zacchaeus, chairman of Hartleys Supermarket and Stores Limited,said the loyalty system would enable customers to purchase items from any of its outlets for a discount through the use of a loyalty card, otherwise known as Hartleys card.

“We want to always make sure we give our customers an excellent experience. What we intend to do is start the loyalty system, which means if as a customer, you have the Hartleys card you can walk into any of our branches and get a discount,” she said.

She said, “By next year, we also want to focus on our online shopping, that is e-commerce, and we want to begin to delivery service because sometimes customers go through stress in coming to our supermarkets. With this, they can make their orders online, and we will have them delivered.”

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Similarly, Boye Olawoye, founder and director of Hartleys Supermarket, said 2023 was a difficult year for the company due to the biting inflation, which resulted in persistent increase in prices of commodities, adding that bearing in mind their policy which is tilted towards attractive customers’ service, they “made the year a pleasant experience for customers.”

According to him, the company is doing everything to ensure that it doesn’t lose a customer because of price fluctuations. He added that they tried to absorb this so as to deepen loyalty with customers

“We think there is a lot of room on Victoria Island for more supermarkets. We started on VI and gradually we began to go into other areas. We have other outlets in Oniru and Ikoyi as well. However, this is our largest, almost 1,200 square meters and the plan is hopefully subsequent stores would be of similar size,” he added.

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