Clickafix, App for artisans’ home service debuts

More innovations for socio-economic solutions are fast being churned out by Nigeria’s software engineers as Clickafix, an App for home service of artisans in any field has been developed to assist Lagos residents get quality artisans for repairs.

With the App residents in Lagos can now choose from a pool of skilled artisans to perform home services and repairs in their homes and offices by using Clickafix on their phones.

Clickafix is a marketplace platform for skilled artisans and service seekers, where services such as plumbing, electrical repairs, hair and beauty, carpentry, haircuts, air conditioning and refrigerator repairs, generator repairs, and appliance repairs are offered.

Introducing Clickafix in Lagos the Founder and Director of Clickafix, Arun Goswami, said in a statement that the app was created to address two problems: a lack of access to skilled handymen and a lack of access to customers on the part of the artisans. According to Arun Goswami, there are lots of skilled artisans who have been frustrated out of business because they lack sufficient contacts to keep them in business, and many customers have been enduring a lot of hitches with home accessories because they lack access to skilled artisans to fix the faulty accessories and equipment in their homes.

Goswami said Clickafix is a trusted platform and artisans on the platform render excellent service, thereby making life easy for Nigerians. The Clickafix founder added that the app provides choices and comfort to service seekers, who now have access to hundreds of service providers on their palms and can choose services that suit their needs and budget.

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Explaining the App’s offer of trust and choices, the Co-Founder and Director of the company, Pawan Bhandari, said the artisans had been trained and certified by the company’s knowledge partners, and a thorough background check has been carried out on every service provider on the Clickafix platform, and each of them has been verified and approved, assuring customers of the competence and integrity of every service provider on the Clickafix platform.

The Co Founder said Clickafix is in partnership with top training institutes in Lagos as knowledge partners. According to him, these knowledge partners have world class training facilities and are churning out excellent artisans who are enrolled on Clickafix.

Sharing the technicalities of the App, Co-Founder and Director, Arusha Goswami, said the App is user-friendly and it enables h itch-free transactions for both service providers and seekers.

According to her, once a customer downloads the Clickafix app on their phone, they are in control. The customers only need to enter their phone numbers to register, choose the service required, select a choice professional from a long list of professionals, select the time he or she would like the service delivered, and make payment within the app. Arusha Goswami added that the app seeks to make life simpler for Nigerians as they can carry out home repairs with the best of service providers at their fingertips.

Arusha further said that the Company’s Customer Success Team are committed to ensuring each customers gets satisfying services as they have strategic feedback methods and all just a dial away to attend to the customers’ request maintain contact with the customers all through the process

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