• Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Adozillion homes seeks collaboration, innovation to tackle housing deficit

Adozillion Homes repositions for Nigeria’s competitive real estate market

Adozillion Homes and Realty, a real estate and property company in Nigeria, has empowered over 350 realtors and recognised outstanding individuals for their contributions to the industry at the recently held Eklisia Realtors Conference.

Speaking during the conference, Adozi Simon, CEO of the company stated that realtors in Nigeria require innovative solutions and partnerships to address the rising housing deficit in the country.

According to him, the conference is aimed to empower and transform young entrepreneurs giving them the necessary knowledge to excel in the real estate sector.

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“We believe in empowering realtors and recognizing excellence to contribute to the growth and success of the entire industry.

“The future of Nigerian housing lies in collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to inclusivity.” He also highlighted the need for collaboration with the government to drive regulation, quality, transparency, and accountability.

Delivering his keynote address, Niyi Adesanya decried the rising housing deficit across the country stating that every Nigerian deserves a safe, secure, and dignified place to call home.

He stressed the importance of intentionality and urged realtors to continuously improve their skills and knowledge. “Don’t ever ask for help if you’re in the one percent. The quality of your conversation can change your life,” he said.

He observed that Nigeria’s real sector faces a multitude of challenges that hinder its growth and stifle its ability to address the immense housing needs of its citizens including financing, land management and workforce inefficiency.

“The Eklisia Realtors’ Conference stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to advancing the real estate profession and ultimately paving the way for a thriving real sector and fulfilling the dream of accessible and dignified housing for all Nigerians,” he added.