• Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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$5.3 billion beer market: NB innovates to deepen Goldberg volume sales

$5.3 billion beer market: NB innovates to deepen Goldberg volume sales

The beer market with value of $5.3 billion is highly competitive and each of the players eyes the bigger pie. Product innovation, packaging, distribution and price will guarantee volume sales and eventual big market share.

It was on this background that Nigerian Breweries Plc has come up with a variant of Goldberg beer it called ‘Goldberg Black’. It is a 45 cl black lager flavoured with dark malt.

The new product, expected to be attractive to the youth and the elderly will likely disrupt the perception of lager beer.

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Unveiling the product recently, Sade Morgan, Head of Corporate Communication for Nigerian Breweries said the new product is the first in Nigeria which transcends boundaries and resonates with those who appreciate the classy normal lager and those who appreciate the new product that is black.

Further speaking on the beverage with 6 percent alcohol, Sade said it embodies tradition, innovation and modernity. “It is not just a beer but a celebration of culture, root and proudly craftsmanship”.

According to her, Nigerians are one of the most creative people on earth and this is what we as Nigerians Breweries has brought together through tireless dedication, creative exploration and unwavering commitment to deliver a product that stands as a testament to Nigeria’s rich brewing heritage.

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Opeyemi Kehinde, product development manager, the Heineken was optimistic of the new product resonating with consumers.

With this innovation, Kehinde said NB wants to give consumers a beer that meets their taste.