• Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Outwrld: A game-changer for Out of Home advertising

Outwrld: A game-changer for Out of Home advertising

In a bid to redefine how Nigerian brands interact with their target audiences in the physical world of advertising, Cybertron Ads, a subsidiary of Cerebral Xpress Ltd has unveiled ‘Outwrld’ a game-changer for Out of Home (OOH) advertising.

According to the minds behind this innovation, OOH advertising is the first fully programmatic out-of-home platform in Nigeria. “This cutting-edge platform ‘Outwrld’ is packed with unique features and sets a new standard for quality in the industry.”

Remarking, CEO of Cybertron Ads Saint-Germain Onwukeme said, “Out of Home advertising has been very much out of reach of growing businesses due to various factors from financial to operational; we have created a no-contact, Self-Served platform where you do not need to pick a phone in order to get your ad live. Outworld brings advertisements to life, transforming creatives into dynamic and memorable experiences. From locations such as bars, lounges, malls, gyms, etc. advertisers can now display ads to their target users, making them memorable and leaving an indelible mark on the audience’s memory.”

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Onwukeme further said: “A noteworthy aspect that sets Cybertron Ads apart is its certification and licensing by the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria, ARCON. This certification underscores Cybertron Ads’ commitment to ethical advertising and streamlines the approval process for OOH campaigns on Outwrld. With ARCON’s stamp of approval, brands partnering with Cybertron Ads can rest assured that their campaigns adhere to the highest industry standards and guidelines, making the journey from concept to execution smoother than ever.”


He however listed some of Outwrld’s unique features as thus:

Pay-per-play: The pay-per-play model offered by Outwrld is a game changer for brands seeking maximum ROI from their advertising budget. With payment only for actual engagement, advertisers can be confident that their investment provides the best possible value. This results-driven approach is effective and efficient, always ensuring the best outcomes.

Timed Ads: Outwrld offers a solution allowing brands to schedule their ads for optimal display times, ensuring their campaigns reach the right audience. This level of control helps brands achieve the best value for their advertising.

Programmed Ads: Outwrld uses advanced programming to optimise ad delivery based on audience demographics, location, and real-time data. This approach has been proven to boost the effectiveness and relevance of ads, ensuring maximum impact and reach.

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Engagement Analytics: With Outwrld’s advertising tool, advertisers can achieve much more than just basic impressions as its powerful engagement analytics provide comprehensive insights into audience interactions and engagement rates, so informed decisions can be made based on data and optimise advertising campaigns for tremendous success.

Onwukeme also noted that with Outwrld, brands can rest assured that their campaigns will be brought to life in a way that is both creative and meaningful, leaving a lasting impact on their target audience. Visit www.theoutwrld.com to learn more about this groundbreaking platform