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Editor’s note

I hope you are keeping safe and respecting the physical distancing measures in this ongoing global pandemic, which is intensifying in some parts of the world.
The #endsars protests currently ongoing in the country has been a very emotional yet inspiring time for many. I have to say that the Nigerian youth are some of the most inspiring individuals on this planet.

Witnessing the protests and sheer determination of the youth has inspired many Nigerians to share their own stories, thus revealing the magnitude of the problem and encouraging the authorities to take overdue action. I am always encouraged and inspired by Nigeria’s youth and I am forever inspired by this month of October 2020, the month when the Nigerian youth showed the world the power of their united voice.

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Our cover story last week, which highlighted the ongoing protests, was a sigh of relief for some readers but was also confusing for others. The Weekender is BusinessDay’s Saturday publication, and we strive to be an intersection between business, lifestyle and living. Whether we realize it or not, we take into account our environment with every decision and action we take. Police brutality affects our ability to use our ingenuity to run and operate businesses freely, it prohibits some from living their dream ‘lifestyle’ and it disrupts wholesome lives because of the innocent lives lost at the hand of police.

While the Weekender will continue to be a mu

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