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Lagos nightlife: A case of sailors lounge

Lagos nightlife: A case of sailors lounge

Lagos nightlife has always intrigued me, a different side of the city comes alive at night, you would think that people would be trooping home after a long day at work and traffic that stretches for hours on end; that cannot stop Lagosians from experiencing the vibrant nightlife only Lagos can offer.

There are many factors that contribute to the unique makeup of Lagos nightlife, like; toning down of the “serious” comportment of Lagosians, change in dressing, right down to a change in the atmosphere of public places; whether it’s the loud music or loud laughter, it just sets the tone for a longing of something you would want to experience yourself.

The energy with which Lagosians switch into nightlife mode is a change that needs to be studied, it is so contagious and easy for one to immerse themselves in, it just draws you in.
Lagos Nightlife is undeniably vibrant and active, in fact; I firmly believe that for your mind to grasp the tangible change in the atmosphere; to truly take it all in, a version of yourself has to emerge as well. It has to change along with the atmosphere.
No words can do justice to explain the multifaceted vibrancy of the typical Lagos nightlife; even something as insignificant as buying suya on the street has a certain thrill attached to it.
I also firmly believe that no matter how hard or difficult a Lagosian’s day is, the nightlife infuses a certain kind of unusual energy that can carry them through the night, seamlessly so.

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One popular spot that fuels the typical “night owl of Lagos” thirst is the Sailors Lounge; located at Admiralty road, Lekki Phase 1.
It is a bar and lounge with aesthetics that fit winding down while enjoying the sea breeze and view; which is a major plus to add to the ambience of the facility.
With a lounge made up of three sections, the Captain’s Deck, the Captain’s Cabin and the Sailor’s Bar. The Captain’s Deck is known to be the first floating bar in Nigeria and prides itself in being built in such a way that it gives guests the sensation of dining while floating on the ocean. The very unique architecture of the lounge is certainly a sight for sore eyes. Imagine that kind of view while you eat.
Their menu is diverse too; ranging from seafood to many other intercontinental and local dishes.

The lounge is known to be an industry leader when it comes to hospitality in Lagos. One very distinct feature of the lounge is Sunday night Live band Cruise; on Sunday evenings, the Lekki area of Lagos is basically shut down as residents and tourists alike scramble for a spot in the lounge to enjoy the live band.
Bars and lounges are not uncommon in Lagos, the unique setting and atmosphere that Sailors Lounge provides sets it apart from the crowd. It’s one of the most exclusive places to be in. Even the way the music is played is relaxing and even creates an atmosphere for business meetings. So, it’s not restricted to just “fun and vibes”.
It is so unique it should be experienced.