• Tuesday, March 05, 2024
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How to prepare the popular Okpa meal


Okpa is a popular food in Enugu state, made from bambara nuts and few ingredients due to its natural delicious flavour. It can be wrapped with banana leaves or nylon for moimoi, but I will be be using nylon.

Ingredients for Okpa
2 derica Okpa flour
Half bottle palm oil
1 tablespoon salt
1 seasoning cube
Fresh pepper (blended)
3 cups of hot water

A bowl
Turning stick
Nylon(for moimoi)
Strings from rice bag

Cooking Directions
Use a big pot to boil clean water.

Then sift the Okpa flour into a bowl. Add salt and the crushed stock cubes. Mix very well.

Add the palm oil to the dry ingredients until you get nice yellow colour, then pour the hot water to the Okpa flour and mix till there are no lumps.

Add the blended fresh pepper. Then scoop the mixture into the nylon and tie them with the strings from the rice bag (just like moimoi), then put into the pot of boiling water.

The cover the pot and start cooking medium to high heat for 1 hour.

When it’s ready, serve with Akamu, or with chilled soft drink.