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Untold Secrets that Wreck Marriages: Discover the Dark Secrets that Destroy Marriages and How to Rebuild your Home

Untold Secrets that Wreck Marriages: Discover the Dark Secrets that Destroy Marriages and How to Rebuild your Home

This is why Your Marriage is Going Downhill -A Review of Nike Folagbade’s Untold Secret that Wreck Marriages
Title: Untold Secrets that Wreck Marriages: Discover the Dark Secrets that Destroy Marriages and How to Rebuild your Home.
Author: Nike Folagbade
Publisher: WORITAL
Year of Publication: 2021
Number of Pages: 391
Category: Self-Help

Nowadays, it appears that many marriages end in divorce, leading you to wonder what went wrong if you believe in marriage. Perhaps you used to idolize some of these ex-doting partners and saw yourself in a relationship similar to theirs, especially after viewing their love photographs on social media. Unfortunately, these couples are no longer together, leaving you with no hope.

In “Untold Secrets that Wreck Marriages,” a thought-provoking piece of writing by Nike Folagbade, the author looks into the problem of why marriages fail, which seems to be a big problem in today’s society.

With a keen eye for detail and a caring understanding of how people relate to each other, the author explores the complicated aspects of marriages, giving readers a unique view that goes beyond the physical.

The author uses a captivating mix of wisdom and spirituality to show her readers that the answers to their marriage problems may lie in the unexplored depths of the spiritual world.

Folagbade digs into its religious roots, shedding light on its deep meaning and giving readers a better understanding of this timeless union.

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Despite its weighty appearance, the book surprises readers with its light and accessible writing style. However, some readers may be put off by the length of the book’s chapters, causing them to skip forward to the section where they will discover the answers they seek.

In this book that makes you think deeply, the author carefully leads the reader on a journey of self-discovery, slowly revealing the complex web of things that can break up even the strongest marriages.

The author doesn’t shy away from talking about how our upbringings have a big effect on the way our marriages are put together. The story is told through a fascinating mix of personal stories and classic Bible stories.

In this interesting piece of writing, the author expertly weaves together a tapestry of her own life and relationship with her spouse. The book goes into the depths of their relationship and gives readers a look at the author’s and her partner’s pasts.

At different places in the book, the author skillfully adds Bible quotes, which give the book more depth and meaning. These carefully chosen parts of the book not only add to the main ideas and lessons of the book as a whole, but also give readers a spiritual and thought-provoking experience. However, Non-Christians may reach a point where they must decide whether to abandon the book or use it as a resource.

As you continue to read this captivating work of literature, one thing becomes increasingly clear: Folagbade is unwavering in her commitment to mending broken marriages, and the book gives those going through marital difficulties a sense of community and solace in the knowledge that they are not alone.

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The author also encourages individuals to live in the moment and not allow concerns about the future obstruct their search for true love using a soft and caring tone.

Despite the author’s understanding of how difficult it is to repair a shattered marriage, Nike Folagbade’s book on love and commitment is a must-read for every serious reader ready to work on their marriage.

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