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The Darkness in my Past

The Darkness in my Past

Dealing with the Guilt That Follows an Abortion-A Review of Ebere Cathy Njoku’s The Darkness in my Past
Author: Ebere Cathy Njoku
Year of Publication: 2014
Number of Pages: 111
Category: Fiction

“The Darkness in my Past” by Ebere Cathy Njoku doesn’t explicitly categorize itself as fiction or memoir initially. Nonetheless, it delves into a subject rarely discussed, especially by women.

Right from the start, it’s apparent that the book ignites dialogue. With settings spanning from Lagos to Scotland, the narrative tracks a woman grappling not only with infertility and her faith in God but also with the profound guilt stemming from a past abortion.

Navigating the guilt of abortion, particularly amidst conflicting religious beliefs, presents a significant challenge. Those who have faced similar circumstances may deeply empathize with the protagonist’s tumultuous journey. While some may perceive her actions as exaggerated, it’s crucial to acknowledge the genuine emotional turmoil many endure in such situations.

Furthermore, the book explores the haunting inner voice haunting some women post-abortion, evoking empathy and perhaps discomfort among readers. Yet, the author adeptly demonstrates how seeking support and employing coping mechanisms can offer enlightenment to anyone facing similar challenges.

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Moreover, it sheds light on how infertility can strain marital bonds when neglected. Vividly depicting the journey of exploring various remedies and supplements, it resonates deeply with couples undergoing similar struggles. Additionally, the narrative emphasizes that external perfection in a couple does not necessarily ensure internal harmony, making the book highly relatable.

The inclusion of thought-provoking questions at the book’s conclusion prompts discussion, encouraging readers to delve into the explored themes and issues.

In essence, “The Darkness in my Past” serves as a poignant reminder that individuals facing challenges like marriage issues, infertility, and faith are not alone.

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